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Cruise Control: Your 3-Step Research Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Next Cruise!

Though typically seen as an utmost leisurely vacation, cruising can be so much more! Going anywhere from the tropic beaches of the Caribbean Islands to the frozen desert of Alaska, the cruise’s destinations are typically the attraction magnet. Excursions aside, the ships themselves encompass an abundance of fresh leisurely and/or energetic activities such as mineral spas, pools and hot tubs, teen/kids lounges, +21 clubs, gyms, and so much more. However, with all these promised amenities, it becomes easier to get caught up in the mirage and lose your head, potentially worsening your experience. Prior preparation-aside from outfit planning- is essential, as is staying alert while on board to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Here are you 3 tips for getting the most out of your next cruise:

While planning outfits or impromptu “photo shoot” locations in advance has become a rather “critical” aspect of vacationing, other preparation-primarily in the form of research should be done.

  1. Cruise Background
    While the destination is unchanged regardless of the cruise line or ship, the time spent on board is the most critical aspect. Cruises come in an abundance of categories, all fitting a certain experience. Comfort is key. While a bed is a bed and a pool is a pool, the surrounding environment and public have a major influence: the food you eat, the shows you see, the memories you make, the people you meet, etc.


      • Adventure: What sets this type of cruise aside from the rest is that the destination, the adventure, is most important. Though the fun, expedition factor never disappears, these cruises are not always suitable for all ages (specifically children and/or the elderly).
      • Classic: Formal nights, set dinner times, bridge evenings, and the Captain’s Table are all expected components to classical cruises. While this occasion to dress up may be appealing to some, not everyone might want to parade on their vacation. Some classic cruises are also adult only.
      • Contemporary: Most modern ships are suited for the masses, not only in passenger count but also offered amenities. Restaurants, for example, come with casual or formal options and events vary from live classical music to Broadway-style shows.
      • Family: Primarily targeting, well, families, these cruises come with not only an easy, friendly, lively vibe but also an abundance of kid (and parent)-friendly amenities such as kids clubs, babysitting services, children’s meals, and special shows/events.
      • LGBT: Whether you are looking for a new relationship, a friendship, or an accepting environment, LGBT cruises are specifically engineered for such an experience.
      • Luxury (and Extra Luxury): Coming in at a much steeper price than the rest, this type of cruise offers top-of-the-line dining, service, and itinerary.
  1. Weather
    While with standard one-location trips the weather patterns remain relatively constant, the whole “niche” behind cruises is the constant change of scenery, and consequently the weather. Every cruise line provides a scheduled date for each port, making it extremely easy to determine the weather on the day you’re docked.
  2. Activities
    Another important thing to research would be activities-both on and off the board. Regarding ship activities, I’ve (sadly) learned from past experience that spots fill up fast-sometimes even weeks before you’ve set foot on board! As for excursions, the cruise works with a variety of different destination recreations-typically the most reliable-but those sell fast.

Take some time and explore your ship and all its opportunities online-you won’t regret it.


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