Teen Travels

Travel and study abroad may be a true eye-opening experience for high school students.

At this young age, high school students open their hearts and minds to new experiences and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Going on teen summer travel programs may be the best way to learn about the world around you, and discover a few things about yourself as well.


On our summer travel programs for teenagers you will see some of the most beautiful sites in Europe and North America, learn foreign languages, experience true language and cultural immersion while having the time of your life! Our programs stand out from other summer teen travel programs and tours in many ways:

Our programs are not just about teen travel or tours, but primarily about educational travel, pre-college enrichment and academic growth.
What we offer is not just a trip or a teen tour, but a savvy travel experience. We give our students enough time to explore the communities we are visiting, rather than go “city-hopping” and try to cover as much as possible as fast as possible.
We make sure that our groups don't get too big and that we have enough staff members accompanying the students to help them make real connections with each other and the local community rather than have a typical tourist experience.
We go off the beaten path of mass tourism, helping our students discover the local culture from the perspective of an insider and a savvy traveler, rather than just a tourist.
We give our students enough freedom and flexibility to make their own choices, while unconditionally respecting our safety rules.
We choose comfortable, centrally located hotels and residences, within easy access to the most important sites.
We combine travel with education, offering our students academic and cultural workshops, recreational activities, language lessons, and much more.