Summer Jobs

Abbey Road is seeking highly qualified, energetic, dynamic and dedicated individuals to complete our summer staff and faculty.
Experience is the teacher of all things.

These teams will lead our summer language immersion and pre-college programs in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the U.S. for high school students. We continually screen candidates for all positions: Instructors, Program Directors, Program Coordinators and RAs. Our summer faculty and staff are typically outstanding high school teachers, university instructors, graduate students, and highly-qualified college graduates. It is important that those interested in a summer staff position with Abbey Road possess genuine interest in working with teenage students, in mentoring and fostering cultural immersion, in using their own creative abilities to shape exciting programming (such as academic or artistic workshops, cultural events, recreational sports, travel excursions, and more), as well as in cooperating with other team members. We are now accepting applications for our Summer program staff. We look forward to reviewing your application!


Review our website to gain a clear and thorough understanding of our mission and operations.


Review the information on this Employment page, especially the descriptions of the open positions, to gain a clear and thorough understanding of requirements and qualifications BEFORE applying.


After you have carefully reviewed the information below, please fill out the online Summer Staff Application. Please do not submit or attach any unsolicited information (e.g. resumes).


We will contact (via email) those candidates whom we wish to have participate in our interview process.

Since we receive several hundred applications each year, it is essential that you meticulously follow the application procedure, as outlined above; that you submit the exact amount of requested information, no more, no less; and that you not contact us unless we ask you to do so or unless absolutely necessary. Specifically, please do not inquire about the status of your application. Any deviation from the application procedure will disqualify your application. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Application are now accepted for the upcoming summer

Open Positions

  • Program Directors

    Abbey Road is seeking strong leaders to serve as Program Directors for each of our summer programs in Europe. The Program Director oversees the overall operation of the program, manages the program staff team, and serves as the primary liaison to the local partner school and local host families.


    • Oversee coordination and execution of the program, including its travel, academic, social, and recreational elements
    • Oversee the entire academic process. Serve as primary liaison to the local partner school if applicable. Work closely with instructors to monitor the overall academic process and student progress. Directors are responsible for conducting student observations, student interviews, gathering student work and analyzing student progress
    • Serve as primary liaison to the local host families. The Director oversees the family placements, maintains close contact with the homestay host families, and addresses student and parent concerns
    • Manage and evaluate the program staff team
    • Responsible for ensuring the safety of students and staff and for enforcing program rules and discipline


    • Advanced fluency in the foreign language
    • 5+ years teaching or administering educational programs
    • 3+ years leading educational travel programs for teenage students, such as school, study abroad or summer programs
    • Demonstrated ability to manage and lead a team

    Benefits and Compensation

    • Lodging: throughout the actual term of employment
    • Airfare: group flight transport from JFK airport
    • Insurance: international travel coverage
  • Program Coordinators

    Abbey Road is seeking detail-oriented and hyper-organized Program Coordinators to play a critical role in thoughtfully planning and perfectly executing a program calendar full of travel, social, cultural, and recreational activities.


    • Plan and manage the master calendar for the program – including all travel, academic, social, cultural, and recreational activities
    • Communicate details of activities and logistics to staff and students
    • Coordinate final arrangements for afternoon and evening activities, weekend excursions, and the travel extension; this includes buying tickets, making and confirming reservations, planning itineraries, and coordinating related lodging, transport, food, and other issues
    • Manage the budget and all money-related issues. Responsible for collecting and itemizing all receipts, tracking money and turning in the budget file by the weekly deadline


    • Advanced proficiency in the foreign language
    • Turbo-powered self-initiative, hyper organization, and drive to do high quality work
    • Demonstrated ability to be both creative and detail-oriented when planning
    • 2+ years working with student travel programs. Previous experience as a Resident Advisor or a Group Leader on a youth summer abroad program would prove highly valuable
    • Experience working with student organizations planning events and activities. Examples include volunteering with a youth activities program or serving as a leader in Student Government or with a fraternity or sorority

    Benefits and Compensation

    • Lodging: throughout the actual term of employment
    • Airfare: group flight transport from JFK airport
    • Insurance: international travel coverage
  • Instructors

    Abbey Road is seeking dynamic individuals with strong academic and teaching credentials to serve as Instructors (French, Spanish, Italian, Art History, History, Studio Art, etc.) Instructors have an important, primary role in shaping and executing the academic curriculum but are also very much a part of the rest of the program staff with shared responsibility for student supervision, mentoring and leading program activities.


    • Create lesson plans based on the Abbey Road curriculum and research the Program city to determine locations for on-site lessons and instruction
    • Provide instruction for all regularly scheduled classes and extra tutoring or tutorials when necessary
    • Evaluate and grade students in a timely manner, including providing each student with written comments and documentation of his or her grade at the mid-point and end of the program
    • Communicate with Program Director about any student issues in the classroom or regarding the program in general
    • Initiate, organize, execute, and supervise students during various program activities and events, such as travel, excursions, recreation, cultural events, evening outings, etc.


    • Advanced fluency in the language, if applicable
    • Strong academic credentials
    • Many years of experience as a teacher/instructor and/or teaching assistant
    • Experience working with teenage and/or undergraduate students

    Benefits and Compensation

    • Lodging: throughout the actual term of employment
    • Airfare: group flight transport from JFK airport
    • Insurance: international travel coverage
  • Resident Advisors

    Abbey Road is seeking highly energetic, well-rounded, and caring individuals to serve as Resident Advisors. The primary role of the RA is supervise and mentor the students on their summer abroad experience – to ensure their safety and encourage the educational and growth process. The RAs also work to build the spirit of the staff team and the entire program camaraderie.


    • Initiate, organize, execute, and supervise students during various program activities and events, such as travel, excursions, recreation, cultural events, evening outings, etc.
    • Ensure the safety and well being of the students at all times while enforcing programs rules and discipline
    • Initiate, organize, execute various program activities, such as those listed above
    • Assist with the overall coordination and management of the program, including various administrative and logistical tasks, communications and transport; this may include driving
    • Provide general guidance, support, and mentorship to the students
    • Respond to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies while also supporting your staff team


    • Strong proficiency in the language
    • Experience working with kids, teens or young adults; examples include volunteering with youth-oriented programs, tutoring or mentoring young adults, or serving as an RA in a college dorm
    • Experience traveling abroad, especially in the country of employment interest; demonstrated ability to speak the language of the country of interest (see description in General Qualifications above)
    • Demonstrated leadership, communication, and organizational skills
    • Demonstrated ability to lead social, cultural, artistic, recreational, and/or athletic activities

    Benefits and Compensation

    • Lodging: throughout the actual term of employment
    • Airfare: group flight transport from JFK airport
    • Insurance: international travel coverage
  • Year Round Jobs

    If you are passionate about study abroad and international education, and if you want to share your passion with students in your town, region and beyond, consider applying for a Student Admissions position with Abbey Road. This position will give you an opportunity to talk to students, parents and educators about your study abroad experiences; answer their questions about our programs; travel, network, and promote our academic programs.

    Student Admissions Representative

    This is NOT a generic sales position. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, energetic, passionate about international education, who are able to speak with authority and inspiration about study abroad and other academic programs.

    To apply, send your resume to, with your name and “Student Admissions Representative” in the subject heading.

General Qualifications

We do not offer our staff members paid vacations; the vacation is for our students, the work is for us. We demand the highest standards of organization, safety consciousness, and professionalism from all our staff members. These standards are never compromised – the safety and education of our students is always our top priority.

  • Prior experience of work with educational, travel, residential or other programs for teenage students, such as school, study abroad or summer programs. Examples include such positions as Professor, Teacher, Educational Administrator, Program or Travel Coordinator, Group Tour Leader, or even Camp Counselor.
  • Prior experience of work, study or travel in the country of destination (i.e. Spain, France, Italy, Greece or Canada). Examples include travel and participation in student exchange, study or homestay programs.
  • Language ability: we require a very strong proficiency of the local language (i.e. French, Spanish, Italian or Greek). You should be able to interview in the target language if necessary.
  • Tremendous self-motivation, dedication, energy, patience, and genuine love of working with teenage students. We need people who are reliable, responsible, serious, professional, and who can be trusted with the safety and well-being of our students.
  • Applicants must hold a college degree by the time of employment.

Summer Job Faqs

  • How do I apply?

    Applications are completed and submitted through our website. Please visit our jobs page

  • Who are typical staff members?

    Our summer faculty and staff are outstanding high school teachers, university instructors, graduate students and highly-qualified college graduates. Staff positions are best suited towards dynamic individuals with a passion for education, travel and youth. Because our programs have a serious academic component, we look for academic credentials and experience in educational programs.

  • What are the age requirements for AR staff members?

    While we do not have age requirements, applicants must hold a college degree by the time of employment. Typically, our summer staff and faculty are outstanding university-level instructors or professors, young high school teachers and graduate students. We will gladly accept applications from all qualified individuals.

  • How big are the teams for each program?

    The number of staff members per program varies by the number of students participating. Each program will have one Program Director, one Program Coordinator, and then one Instructor/RA for each 8-10 students. Overall we maintain a staff to student ratio of approximately 1:8.

  • Is any training provided?

    Yes. We believe that good training is essential for making our staff more knowledgeable about our operations and safety procedures as well as to form stronger teams. Each staff member receives a training manual and program operations manual to help provide orientation to our academic philosophy, training on our operational and safety procedures, and program team building. All new staff will also participate in online training and video conferencing as well as on-site training during summer Program Orientation.

  • What kind of housing is provided for staff members?

    The type of housing varies for each program. For residential and college prep programs, staff members will live together in an apartment or university residence and will typically share a double room with another staff member of the same gender. For homestay programs, the staff residence would be central to many of the families where our students live.

  • What is the work schedule like?

    Our summer staff work schedule differs from that of a regular “9 to 5″ job as it is more demanding. Our staff members are always supervising, participating, and interacting with the students regardless of position and are on-call at all times. The work schedule demands great energy, a positive attitude, flexibility, organization, coordination, discipline and self-motivation.

    A typical weekday morning starts with a staff meeting at 8:30am, followed by morning and afternoon classes, position-specific duties and general errands. After dinner, the workday continues with the organization and supervision of the evening activities. Ensuring the safety of the students during evening hours and their safe return to their residence at a designated time is essential. Curfew is typically between 12 and 1am, and staff must be available until all students are checked-in before they may retire for the evening. Occasionally, late night events or emergencies may require staff members to stay on duty until unusually late hours.

  • How much personal time is given?

    Each staff member will typically have one day off per week. In all cases, taking free time will be coordinated with and approved by the Program Director in advance. Free time schedules may be changed and even canceled in the case of unforeseen events, pressing circumstances, compelling interests of the program and students, as well as emergencies.

    Application are now accepted for the upcoming summer