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Ceramics in Florence
by Student, Ise S. , NYC

It was nice to go back to our classes from our busy weekend. I learned more about the amazing art that covers this unique city. Even though it is small and contained it is impossible to get bored of it. For afternoon classes today, Luna, our Italian culture teacher taught us some of the common gestures people use in Italy. It was really fun, and we all tried to have conversations without talking.

Chris and Charlie

We also went food shopping today, it is a great experience seeing how to live with roommates and taking responsibilities for cleaning, cooking, and shopping for the meals. The group of girls I have been rooming with are all super sweet and great, we haven’t had much trouble and I believe we have the neatest apartments!

Today the pool was optional so only a small group of us went. I think it was my favorite visit to the pool because there weren’t that many people. For morning classes today in art history we visited the church of the Medici. Additionally, the first library that wasn’t affiliated with a religion. The church of the Medici wasn’t finished because they ran out of money showing the downfall of their power. Michelangelo had made the plans for the church so in the late 1900s the Florence government wanted to build the rest of the church. There was a lot of controversy over if it was right or not so it never went through. We learned a ton about the Medici family history and had a really relaxing day.

Our trip has gone by so fast, and it’s really weird that a third of our group will be leaving on Saturday. The days are over before they start and it feels like I have known these people for months. Today we had our regular schedule and for Italian culture, we joined cooking for an amazing picnic at the central market.

Additionally, in the evening I went to a painting ceramics class. The man teacher, Enzo, was great and everyone’s plates looked amazing. I could go back and do it every day. He also gave us delicious cookies from Italy while we worked. We learned that the paint brushes are made of the hair of a special squirrel, just one of the cool facts he told us.

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