Why Abbey Road

Abbey Road Programs sets itself apart from traditional teen tours.

Choosing the right summer study abroad program can be a daunting task; with so many summer opportunities to choose from, how can you be sure that a certain summer program best fits your individual needs? Abbey Road Programs sets itself apart from traditional teen tours and study abroad programs in several key areas. Here is a short list to help you decide if an Abbey Road summer program may be the right fit for you:

Clifton L.

Yet, I believe that 15 years could go by before I return to Florence and I would still be able to expertly navigate my way around the city. Of course, there were the early moments of the trip when my fellow Abbey Road travelers and I felt like we were in a foreign maze, thinking to ourselves that we would never be able to navigate through the winding streets and piazzas. But these thoughts lasted for just that, a moment. Within a couple of hours of exploration, my friends and I were pounding the cobblestone-like natives. Going to class, ...

  • Experiential learning

    Abbey Road incorporates experiential learning in all daily classes. What does this mean for the students? It means they learn and improve foreign language skills while interacting with locals during real-life situations rather than reading dialogues in class. It means that lessons involving art, history and culture occur on-location throughout the host community. Whether students are learning a new concept or listening to a lecture, they are surrounded by a relevant and interesting environment and are thus constantly immersed in the target culture rather than learning in a traditional indoor classroom environment.

  • This is not your typical teen tour

    Though several multi-destination student travel programs are offered by Abbey Road, they are not considered traditional “teen tours.” Each program itinerary follows an academic theme rather than concerning itself exclusively with touristic site visits. All museum, site and monument visits are preceded by a historical overview which is then reinforced by an interactive discussion on-location and cultural and recreational activities throughout the day. In this way, students develop a clear understanding of the relevance of each location and can thus better appreciate, enjoy and connect with each community.

  • Professional Instructors & Staff

    All Abbey Road summer staff, including instructors, RAs and coordinators, are required to have a college degree, an academic background in the program material, fluency in the language of the host community and experience working with teenagers. As a result, everyone involved in the program can contribute meaningful activities to the daily schedule, aid students in connecting with the host community and respond to student and teen issues that may arise.

  • Fresh Local Cuisine Daily

    Abbey Road believes that sampling local cuisine is an important part of learning about and appreciating a foreign culture. As part of Abbey Road’s daily meal plan, students and staff eat fresh, local food in authentic restaurants, select fresh ingredients from local markets for group picnics and take student preferences into consideration when proposing lunchtime options rather than taking the group to large cafeteria-type locations. In this way, mealtimes are transformed into an additional enjoyable cultural activity and experiential opportunity, rather than a daily chore.

  • Accountability & Flexibility

    Abbey Road Programs manages and oversees every aspect of their summer program planning and execution from food and housing to daily activities, learning and even transportation. Abbey Road does not act as a “middle man” between a parent, their child and a local international organization. Thus, programs are effective, safe and flexible to student interests and needs. Our staff members have the means and knowledge to act quickly and effectively in response to student and parent questions and concerns.

  • Comfortable Groups Size

    To guarantee the most authentic foreign experience possible and to protect student safety, Abbey Road maintains a maximum 1 to 8 staff to student ratio and keeps its group sizes manageable. Traveling programs take a maximum number of 30 students and homestay and residential programs a maximum of 45-55 depending on the location.