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Abbey Road Programs sets itself apart from traditional teen tours.

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Choosing the right summer study abroad program can be a daunting task; with so many summer opportunities to choose from, how can you be sure that a certain summer program best fits your individual needs? Abbey Road Programs sets itself apart from traditional teen tours and study abroad programs in several key areas. Here is a short list to help you decide if an Abbey Road summer program may be the right fit for you:

Clifton L.,

Yet, I believe that 15 years could go by before I return to Florence and I would still be able to expertly navigate my way around the city. Of course, there were the early moments of the trip when my fellow Abbey Road travelers and I felt like we were in a foreign maze, thinking to ourselves that we would never be able to navigate through the winding streets and piazzas. But these thoughts lasted for just that, a moment. Within a couple of hours of exploration, my friends and I were pounding the cobblestone-like natives. Going to class, ...

Experiential learning -

Abbey Road incorporates experiential learning in all daily classes. What does this mean for the students? It means they learn and improve foreign language skills while interacting with locals during real-life situations rather than reading dialogues in class. It means that lessons involving art, history and culture occur on-location throughout the host community. Whether students are learning a new concept or listening to a lecture, they are surrounded by a relevant and interesting environment and are thus constantly immersed in the target culture rather than learning in a traditional indoor classroom environment.

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