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Saint Tropez and Gorges du Verdon
by Student, Juliana G. , Nice

On this day we had a very different schedule than we were used to because it was the weekend. We went to Saint Tropez! We met up with the other part of the Abbey Road group that is staying with French host families in St. Laurent-du-Var. Two girls from the homestay program decided to sit next to us and we started up a conversation, but we did not anticipate the girls to be so funny and outgoing, so we talked on the bus for hours! Even though the bus ride took longer than anticipated it was definitely worth the drive.

It was such a beautiful city with beautiful views, but sadly everything there was very expensive.. so I did not get any souvenirs. Although, I did get some good pictures! We got the full day to be with our friends and explore. We walked on the beach, went into various different boutiques, talked to a few people there, and ate some delicious crêpes!


July 23

We woke up an hour earlier than we were used to, so I had planned on taking a nap on the bus ride to Gorges du Verdon since the drive was supposed to take about four hours. That did not happen, instead, I ended up sitting next to a fascinating person, so we had an incredible conversation that ended up lasting the whole bus ride.

The drive there ended up taking around six hours because we had a really big bus and we had to go through a lot of curvy/windy roads, but yet again it was definitely worth the wait, the anxiety caused by the small roads we had to drive through on the edge of a cliff, and a bunch of impatient passengers that didn’t want to be on the bus anymore





Once we got there we ate sandwiches on the beach and we had the option of going canoeing, kayaking or staying on the beach. I went canoeing until I got hot and decided to jump in the water! Everything about that day was amazing…yes, even the 6-hour drive!

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