Summer programs in Italy-Italian Cultural Studies in Studio Art, Art HistoryLanguage, Cuisine, Fashion , Filmmaking, Photography, and more!

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“Le grandi cose non sono fatte d’impulso, ma attraverso una serie di piccole cose messe insieme.”

– Vincent Van Gogh


Florence (Tuscany)


Option 1: July 2 – 30: 4 wk
Option 2: July 2 – 23: 3 wk
Option 3: July 2 – 16: 2 wk
Option 4: July 16 – 30: 2 wk
Rome (optional extension)
July 30 - Aug 3

PROMO FEES (Deadline Nov 21st)

$4,595 $4,295 (2 weeks)
$6,295 $5,845 (3 weeks)
$7,095 $6,495 (4 weeks)
(+$985 optional extension to Rome)


Student Apartments + Hotel


Grades 9-12, no language prerequisite

Day Trips

Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Cinque Terre, Fiesole

Optional Extension

Rome, July 30 - August 3


(Some flexibility with dates is possible, please ask our staff)

Join us in Florence this summer for an adventure of a lifetime! You will be inspired by the beauty of Tuscany and its cultural capital, a living museum holding the world’s greatest treasures from the Renaissance era, a city of elegance, history and art.

Program Highlights

  • Live in upscale, fully air-conditioned, spacious student apartments in the historical center of Florence
  • Enjoy fresh authentic food prepared by our culinary staff and local chefs
  • Learn in a fun, interactive way, outside of the classroom (hence our Experiential Learning Method!)
  • Be a savvy, sophisticated traveler. Go above and beyond the standard tourist checklist!
  • Meet local Italian youth and make friends from all over the world
  • Option to receive college credit, studying with our local partner institutions
  • Included trips to Venice, Verona, Milan, Siena, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano, Viareggio and more
  • All inclusive 2, 3 or 4 week sessions
  • Pre-Summer Language Courses and Tutoring Online (get an early start on practicing your Italian!)
Andrea Abbate,

Jumping Back Into the Real World You’ve just had the most incredible experience studying abroad with Abbey Road Programs. You’ve said your goodbyes to your new friends, host family, classmates, and teachers. You have integrated into a new culture and learned more about yourself than you might have imagined.  You have dined, explored, danced, hiked, and lived. So now that your summer has come to an end, and now that you must return home, what do you do now? For many students, coming home can be unexpectedly difficult. You may experience ...

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Our culinary staff will buy daily fresh food for breakfast and lunch from the local markets and shops. Some evenings our staff and students will make delicious meals together, armed with fresh ingredients and our own Tuscan recipe book. These culinary adventures quickly become a favorite bonding and cultural activity among our students and staff. We will also enjoy authentic local cuisine during outings to local restaurants.

Our staff will provide you with daily groceries (bread, pasta, cereal, water, olive oil, etc.) and house supplies. If you need more food or house supplies – just tell us. We will get them for you.

Filmmaking and Editing

Students have the opportunity to create a short film and participate in all aspects of film production, from acting to directing, from photography to post-production. During this innovative hands-on experience students learn from professionals in a picturesque setting, the heart of Florence, Italy. Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to explore their own visions, creativity and passion.

Residential Life

You will live in comfortable, air conditioned*, centrally located apartments in the historical center of Florence, a ten minute walk from the Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce. The apartments have private bathrooms and two or three bedrooms. Each bedroom will house two or three students. Some apartments have living rooms and kitchens. The staff members will live in an apartment of their own in the same building.

*: Air conditioning units are provided by the local residence in accordance with local standards. Increasing temperatures and summer heat waves in Europe have become a common occurrence. We thank you for your understanding as we will make every effort to make our students as comfortable as possible given the changing climate patterns.

You will be part of our Abbey Road family, making new friends, learning to be independent and self-reliant, to share responsibilities with your peers, manage your time, and getting ready for college years!

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Academics / Experience Mix

Art history & Architecture

Italian Language



Daily Schedule

Every student on the program chooses two classes as their academic focus in Florence: a major and an elective. Major classes meet every morning Monday to Friday, while electives meet three afternoons a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Students interested in earning college credit will have the option of doing so via our local partner school, Lorenzo de Medici Institute.

Majors: Art History, Studio Art (Drawing, Oil Painting), Italian Language, Cinema & Filmmaking, Fashion Design

Electives and Workshops: Photography, Fashion Design, SAT Prep, Italian Conversation, Italian Cinema, Tuscan Cuisine, Drawing, Oil Painting, Art History & Architecture, Community Service/Art Restoration, Theater & Acting

Important note: Curfew and Free Time

The students will have approximately 2 – 3 hours of free time per day, subject to our safety rules and guidelines. The curfew is at 11 pm on weekdays and 11.30 – 12 midnight on weekends, subject to change at program director’s discretion.

Some of our students’ favorites are:

  • admiring the legendary Renaissance masterpieces at the Uffizi, Bargello, Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Medici and countless other Florentine museums
  • sketching Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia as part of the art class taught by our faculty
  • an evening soccer match in Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Iron Chef culinary competition at our residence judged by the staff
  • sketching Florentine life in Piazza Santa Croce
  • fashion workshop with Italian fashion designers
  • …and many more. Have a look at the gallery below

If you were there...

  • Morning

    Fashion class elective

  • Morning

    Italian class

  • Morning

    Studio Art class

  • Morning

    Art class

  • Morning

    Art history class

  • Afternoon

    Walk near Lucca's Duomo

  • Afternoon

    Grocery shopping for Tuscan cuisine

  • Afternoon


  • Night

    Having dinner

Weekend Day Trips

In addition to showing you all of the most celebrated and “lesser known” cultural sites in Florence, the program allows you to explore cities outside Florence and even Tuscany each week. From hiking along the cliffs on the Italian Riviera to following in the footsteps (and postures) of millions as you “lean” in front of the tower in Pisa, you and your new friends will be able to explore some of the legendary sites that make Italy one of the most visited countries in all of Europe.


Included: Three Days in Venice & Verona -

Join us for a sunset gondola ride through the famous canals of Venice! With its looming fortresses, breathtaking architecture, and history of naval dominance, Venice is the perfect location to examine the intersections of art, history and present-day Italian culture. From an afternoon chat with friends over espresso con panna by the famous Rialto, to taking in a street performance in Piazza San Marco, get ready to learn the story of how Venice influenced centuries of European history.On the way to Venice, stop by Juliet’s house in beautiful Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s greatest love story, the annual opera festival and its Roman amphitheatre. Ponder finding true love and your own Romeo as you stand on Juliet’s balcony (but please do not miss our bus departure!)

Optional Travel Extension – Rome -

This final portion of the Florence program includes four days of cultural discovery in Italy’s capital. Saying « Arrivederci » to Florence will be difficult, but greeting Rome with an enthusiastic « Ciao Roma!» will no doubt ease your pain. Hosting such influential sites as the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, Fori Imperiali and the Pantheon, this trip allows you to study first hand some of the most important cultural landmarks of Western Civilization. From throwing coins over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain to sketching on the Spanish Steps, you will have the opportunity to experience every aspect of this city’s incredible history and vibrant life



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After a long day of jet lag and airport travels I successfully had a great first day in Florence, from eating a delicious mushroom pizza in a local restaurant near our hotel, to walking and visiting Milano Duomo, I already feel immersed in Italian culture and ready to conquer anything! The students are very lively and friendly despite ...

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Last Hoorah in Florence

The fact that we are leaving in less than a week is sadly starting to sink in and it stinks.  We don’t want to go home at all.  It feels like Florence is our real home and going back to the US would be the trip.  Keara has been finishing up her final art project while Elena does the same in Italian class.  At the start of this ...

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Our last full day in Rome was started with an early morning. We all rose and headed out for a long walk, and we discovered that our instructors had set up a scavenger hunt for us. Our teams roamed around Rome snapping photos of various things on the list. We had to get a picture with a priest! Later that night, the group headed up to visit the ...

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Week 1 in Florence - Time Flies!

Florence Session 1 is off to a fantastic start!  From the moment our students turned the corner onto the picturesque little cobble-stone street that we call home for the duration of our program, everyone has been in awe of the history and beauty that surrounds us in our neighborhood! Our group has become a family very quickly, bonding over ...

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