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"Le monde est un livre dont chaque pas nous ouvre une page."

― Alphonse de Lamartine


Nice, France


Option 1: July 3 – 31: 4 wk
Option 2: July 3 – 24: 3 wk
Option 3: July 3 – 17: 2 wk
Option 4: July 17 – 31: 2 wk
Paris (optional extension)
July 31 - Aug 4

PROMO FEES (Deadline Nov 21st)

$4,595 $4,295 (2 weeks)
$6,295 $5,845 (3 weeks)
$7,095 $6,495 (4 weeks)
(+$985 optional extension to Paris)


Student Residence


Grades 9-12, Beginning to Advanced

Day Trips

Antibes, Eze, Cannes, Monaco, St. Tropez

Optional Extension

Paris, July 31 - Aug 4


(Some flexibility with dates is possible, please ask our staff)

A dazzling coastline stretching from Nice to the small harbor town of Beaulieu-sur-Mer exemplifies the best of the French Riviera. The bustling beaches, lush palm trees, colorful buildings, and alluring markets make it hard not to get swept up in this chic lifestyle. During your month abroad in Nice you are sure to get a taste of this fine standard of living. On any given day you’ll stroll through the city’s famous Promenade des Anglais on your way to morning classes, practice your French while ordering refreshments in one of the many outdoor cafés, and blend in with the locals as you browse the open-air markets of the city’s Old Town district. In fact, after four weeks of living amongst the locals you may find yourself feeling a little, if not very, glamorous indeed.

Andrea Abbate,

Jumping Back Into the Real World You’ve just had the most incredible experience studying abroad with Abbey Road Programs. You’ve said your goodbyes to your new friends, host family, classmates, and teachers. You have integrated into a new culture and learned more about yourself than you might have imagined.  You have dined, explored, danced, hiked, and lived. So now that your summer has come to an end, and now that you must return home, what do you do now? For many students, coming home can be unexpectedly difficult. You may experience ...

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Program Highlights

In Nice you will live in a modern student residence, in the beautiful Old Port neighborhood, in the very heart of town. It’s a 10 min walk from the popular beaches of Promenade des Anglais and the Old Town. Here are some highlights:

  • Live in your own private studio with a private bathroom and high-speed Internet
  • Enjoy delicious, authentic French cuisine prepared by our culinary staff
  • Learn in a fun, interactive way, outside of the classroom, immersing in the local community (hence our Experiential Learning Method!)
  • Improve your French in intensive small-group language workshops
  • Experience authentic cultural immersion
  • Be a savvy, sophisticated traveler. Go above and beyond the standard tourist checklist!
  • Meet local teens and make friends from all over the world
  • Included trips to Monaco, Cannes, San Remo, St. Tropez, Eze, Beaulieu, Villefranche, Antibes, St. Paul de Vence, and more
  • All inclusive 2, 3 or 4 week sessions
  • Optional 4-day travel extension to Paris
  • Pre-Summer Language Courses and Tutoring Online (get an early start on practicing your French!)


Our culinary staff will buy daily fresh food for breakfast and lunch from the local markets and shops. Some evenings our staff and students will make delicious meals together, armed with fresh ingredients and our own Provençal recipe book. These culinary adventures quickly become a favorite bonding and cultural activity among our students and staff. We will also enjoy authentic local cuisine during outings to local restaurants.

Our staff will provide you with daily groceries (bread, pasta, cereal, water, olive oil, etc.) and house supplies. If you need more food or house supplies – just tell us. We will get them for you.

Residential Life

You will live just steps away from Nice’s picturesque Vieux Port and the lively markets and restaurants of Vieux Nice in a modern student residence. Each student will have a private studio, private bathroom and kitchenette, with high-speed Internet, next door to other students and staff.

You will be part of our Abbey Road family, making new friends, learning to be independent and self-reliant, to share responsibilities with your peers, manage your time, and getting ready for college years!

Daily Schedule

Every student on the program chooses two classes as their academic focus: a major and an elective. The French major class meets every morning Monday to Friday while electives meet three afternoons a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Majors: French language

Electives and Workshops: French Conversation and Culture, Photography, Studio Art,  French Cinema, Riviera Sports

Students are placed in their French class according to their level, we accept beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers. There is a placement test on the first day of class.

In addition, we offer individual tutoring and intensive small group workshops, for those who want to challenge themselves and see a dramatic improvement in their French proficiency. Our language classes are taught in a fun, interactive, experiential way, maximizing intensive language and cultural immersion.

Important note: Curfew and Free Time

The students will have approximately 2 – 3 hours of free time per day, subject to our safety rules and guidelines. The curfew is at 11 pm on weekdays and 11.30 – 12 midnight on weekends, subject to change at program director’s discretion.

Some of our students’ favorite activities are:

  • French conversation over coffee and ice cream in Old Nice
  • Photography scavenger hunt in Arenas park
  • Live French lesson in the Flower Market of Nice
  • Parasailing and windsurfing on the beach off the Promenade des Anglais
  • Salsa night in Place Massena in Nice
  • Talent show and evening outing in Acropolis
  • Music and dance at the Nice Jazz Festival
  • Theater workshop with French teenagers and the St. Laurent theater troupe
  • Barbeque party with French teenagers in St. Laurent
  • French movie night at the residence
  • Pottery workshop in Nice

If you were there...

  • Morning

    French class

  • Morning

    Pottery class

  • Afternoon

    Lunch Time

  • Afternoon

    Afternoon elective-Yoga-in front of the sea

  • Afternoon

    Water Sport

  • Afternoon

    Kayaking in Gorges du Verdon

  • Afternoon

    Free time in Cannes

  • Afternoon

    Lunch time

  • Night

    Group Dinner

  • Night

    Dancing on Place Massena

Day Trips

In addition to showing you all of the most celebrated and “lesser known” cultural sites in Nice, the program allows you to explore the most beautiful sites of the French and Italian Riviera.

Some of the students’ favorites include:

  • Snorkeling in the Bay of Villefranche sur Mer
  • Visiting Cannes‘ Film Festival Palace
  • Shopping on La Croisette and Rue d’Antibes in Cannes
  • Climbing to the top of Eze Village and its Fragonard Perfumery
  • Exploring the elegant St. Paul de Vence and its modern art museum, Fondation Maeght
  • Admiring modern art in the Picasso museum of Antibes
  • French cuisine workshop in St. Jean
  • Kayaking along the coast of Cap Ferrat
  • Visiting Monaco, its famous Palace of the Prince, Casino and Oceanographic Museum
  • Tasting authentic Italian gelato on the day trip to San Remo
  • Boat trip to St. Tropez, its pastel Old Town and chic boutiques
  • Excursions to Villa Kerylos and Villa Rothschild


Optional Travel ExtensionParis

Ah, Paris! The city of lights! Delicious food, fantastic art, amazing architecture, the list goes on and on. A four-day visit to Paris is the perfect way to complete an Abbey Road adventure in France. Our exciting itinerary includes both guided visits to museums and historical sites and time for you to discover the city’s famous neighborhoods. Sure we will show you the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Centre Pompidou, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, among others, but you will also be free (within our safety guidelines) to enjoy the city’s famous café scene and shopping districts with your good friends in tow. Who knows, you just might even take a dinner cruise on the river Seine! In Paris, we will stay in a 3 star air-conditioned hotel in the city center.



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Jumping Back Into the Real World You’ve just had the most incredible experience studying abroad with Abbey Road Programs. You’ve said your goodbyes to your new friends, host family, classmates, and teachers. You have integrated into a new culture and learned more about yourself than you might have imagined.  You have dined, explored, ...

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Painting in the South of France

This week I really enjoyed painting scenes of Nice and the surrounding countryside. Working from life, sitting in the street or park has provided me with a new and refreshing perspective to begin from. The first painting I did this week is of the view from atop St. Paul De Vence. While I was there I could only sketch the background and take a ...

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This entire week has been filled with so many activities I can barely keep up with all the new things I’m learning. We went to Avignon to tour the Palais des Papes and ate lunch in the courtyard in front of the entrance where we saw performances featuring everything from saxophone playing to acrobatics. Later that same day we got to see the ...

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It’s been an exciting few days here in St. Laurent du Var! Sunday, we drove to St. Tropez, which is known as a vacation destination for the rich and famous, even more-so than the rest of the Riviera. We had the whole day to ourselves to explore the city, which actually didn’t take that long, as it’s not very big. The harbor, which ...

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Out of the Blue

It can be hard to recall just how much has happened so far on this trip. New, wonderful memories quickly fill up my head every day, which is great and overwhelming at the same time. Frankly, you are so excited for today that it can be hard to remember what you had for lunch yesterday. That’s the benefit of keeping a journal or writing a blog ...

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