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Excursion of a Lifetime

On Wednesday night, we went on an excursion to the infamous Ponte Vecio. In the inky darkness, the twinkling lights reflected the outlines of the buildings lining the Arno to create a mesmerizing, fairytale-like atmosphere. On the walk back to the apartment, we were astounded by a group of talented street performers who allowed us to discover talent among our own party as well!

On the following evening, sportsmanlike, competitive tension between students ran high in anticipation of a soccer game. During the intense battle to victory, Abbey Road students displayed their athletic abilities. Although the boys were stronger, the girls displayed just as much grit and athleticism to make the soccer game one to be remembered. By the end of the match, we were drenched in sweat, laughing and recounting memorable plays. Although my team did not end up winning, my teammates and I look forward to a re-match!

During my photography class we ventured across the Arno to the Piazza de Michealangelo. After a bumpy ride and a lung-emptying hike to the top of the hill, our eyes feasted on a breathtaking view of our city; the sun beat down on the reddish-orange roof of the Duomo and its surrounding buildings, creating a haze of heat. At that moment, with my friends around me, I realized just how fortunate I am to be spending a month in such a magical city.

Today, we visited Lucca, another beautiful Tuscan city from before the time of the Roman Empire. After a scenic bus ride through the Tuscan countryside, we piled off the bus and explored Lucca. My friends and I ate at a local restaurant, which was delicious. After, we roamed the city and discovered its numerous delights; my favorite part of the day was the bike-ride a top the brick wall surrounding the city. The ride afforded a unique view not only of the city but also its surrounding fields and buildings. We returned to the apartment with our wallets lighter and our smiles from ear to ear.

Now I am readying myself for dinner and a night of strolling through Florence’s picturesque streets. Ciao!


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