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Take a Break: 8 Simple Ways to Prevent School Burnout

As with any mental health issues, there is also a lack of information and understanding about school burnout. It is the negative emotion a student feels towards prolonged study. You know you are ...

by Abbey Road

7 Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada

Studying abroad is an exciting experience for many students. You get to emerge yourself in a new culture and make new friends! Where you want to travel is one of the most important questions to ...

by Guest Blogger, Ginger Abbot

Online Learning Takeaways You Can Use As Life Skills

Even though attending school online may not have been your first choice, you’ll gain many virtual learning skills that become useful later in life. Students can utilize these new abilities ...

by Guest Blogger, Ginger Abbot

6 Smart Ways To Help You Become Multilingual

Do you have a dream of speaking another language fluently? You are not alone. Many people desire to become fluent in a foreign language. Developing this skill will widen your knowledge of new ...

by Guest Blogger, Ashly Williams

5 Comfort Food Recipes to Make From Your College Dorm

Are you missing your mom’s homemade meatloaf? What about those brownies with gooey frosting? You can’t make those in your dorm — or can you?  These recipes for college students are easy to ...

by Guest Blogger, Ginger Abbot

6 Perfect Hawaii Activities this Summer

After the year we’ve all had, it’s about time to be able to enjoy life again! And what better place to do that than one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawaii! As the world starts ...

How to Budget for Off-Campus Living When Studying Abroad

Many college and university students look forward to studying in a new country. You get to explore a new culture for a discounted price while continuing your education, but you might not want to ...

by Guest Blogger, Ginger Abbot

7 Tips for Managing Stress as an International Student

The ability to manage stress levels is essential for international students.  Language barriers, loneliness, financial challenge, lack of resources to perform academic work, culture shock, and ...

Five Surprising Facts About Online Education

Distance education and online courses allow you to study whenever and wherever you are, arranging your studies around your family or work life. You can learn using study materials and online ...

by Guest Blogger, Ashly Williams

How to Care for Your Mental Health in College

Going to college is exciting but stressful. It might be the first time you live away from family or tackle a challenging course schedule. It’s vital to take care of your mental health in college ...

by Guest Blogger, Ginger Abbot

4 Ideas For Your Next Trip

Looking for some ideas for your next vacation? Travel is a great way to explore new cultures, try a new cuisine, and escape your everyday routine. Check out this list below and happy ...

by Abbey Road

5 Versatile Degrees That Can Help You Decide What to Major In

Choosing what to major in can be a daunting task, and it may be even more stressful than selecting a university or college. Our guide to ‘Finding the Best Fit’ details what you need to keep ...

by Guest Blogger, Lydia White
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