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Au revoir, St-Laurent.

I went into this weekend knowing I had less than a week left in France …and determined to make the most of it. Three weeks have gone by WAY too fast and I’m certainly not ready to leave. ...

by Student, Addie M.

Antibes and Saint-Paul-de-Vence!

It is Friday and we are all so excited for the weekend… I went to class this morning and it seemed like an instant. We did a lot of drawing and I got to design my own dream vacation. I love ...

by Student, Austin E.

Karaoke, museums and new students: Week two of St-Laurent-du-Var 2019.

We began this week… …of Abbey Road St-Laurent-du-Var 2019 with more French classes and time to explore more of Nice and St-Laurent. On Monday, we worked on conjugating verbs in the ...

by Student, Addie M.

Departures and Arrivals

It’s Tuesday, …and all of my two-week friends are leaving tomorrow, so today I spent as much time with them as I could. I ate breakfast with them in the residence and then proceeded ...

by Student, Austin E.

10 Reasons Why I’m Excited to Travel to Berlin

On the Modern Europe program, we go to several fascinating cities, one of them being Berlin. I’ve wanted to go to Berlin ever since my mom went a couple of years ago. She showed us pictures of ...

by Student, Natalie V.

Friends and Firenze!

Yesterday, we said goodbye to the two weekers… Their departure was very hard for all of us to grasp. We were all so sad to see them leave. Each one of them marked us in a different way, some ...

by Student, Lynn M.

Four Languages in Three Hours

This weekend we managed to speak four different languages in the span of three hours, and most of them not very well… The St-Laurent-du-Var students woke up early Saturday morning to make ...

by Student, Addie M.

Exciting Weekend in Cannes and Sanremo

Today is Friday… …and I am looking forward to the weekend. Our class was very educational. My vocabulary broadened and now I can successfully describe different places. After class, ...

by Student, Austin E.

Modern Europe: Normandy

Our first stop in Normandy was Rouen. After checking into our hotel we walked around the city, with charming buildings and cafes. We passed by several gothic cathedrals and walked through ...

by Student, Natalie V.

St-Laurent-Du-Var: Week 2

We’ve officially been in St-Laurent-Du-Var for a week… …and as a new friend of mine pointed out, this marks our one-week friend-versary. Classes and electives officially began ...

by Student, Addie M.

 Florence: the Artistic, Historical, and Cultural Capital

Florence, the artistic, historical, and cultural capital of not only Tuscany but all Italy has welcomed us gracefully this week. Staying in apartments and learning to live on our own sure has ...

by Student, Lynn M.

My First Taste of Nice

  My first taste of Nice has been fantastic so far. The group arrived on the first day and got settled in immediately. We all made friends super fast and got right to fun. On our first day, ...

by Student, Austin E.
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