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5 Practical Tips for Finding a College Housing Abroad

Going to college is more than just choosing your course and the university you want to attend. You should also take a look into your housing options if you are studying abroad.

For one, it can be challenging to find an affordable house near your school. Plus, you can only rely on the images and reviews you see online.

Second, where you live can impact how you will perform in college. Imagine not being able to concentrate on your studies because you live in a noisy neighborhood.

This is why you must find college housing abroad that suits your needs. And here’s how you can do it:

1. Know Your Kind of Housing

In case you do not know, there are various housing options that you can check out if you plan to study abroad. Here are some of the common ones:

Living With a Family

This option is for you if you have a relative who lives in the country where you want to study. What’s great about living with your family is that you can cut on the rental cost.

As long as your family has a room for you to spare, you do not have to worry about where you will live and eat. Nonetheless, you should agree on shared expenses.

While you are likely to live rent-free, you still consume their electricity and share their food. It would be discourteous of you if you would not share with the expenses.

Private Student Halls

These are privately-owned student accommodations that the university manages. An excellent example would be condominium buildings near universities.

Often, the school administration would refer a student to the building admin. And they will check whether a unit is available for rent.

University Halls

These are accommodations that the university manages. Often these are dorms wherein you share a room with your schoolmate. Living in university halls is ideal if you want to save on rental costs and do not mind having a roommate.

2. Search as Early as You Can

You are not the only college student who wants to study abroad. This means that other people are looking for suitable housing options.

Hence, you should start looking for college housing abroad as soon as you decide that you would want to study overseas. Doing so also ensures that you can find the best deals possible.

Just remember to consider these factors:

  • Rent budget
  • Utility cost
  • Deposit amount
  • Location
  • Lease terms

3. Consider Your Expenses

Studying abroad does not only mean that you only have your tuition fee to pay. It also means that you have rent, bills, food, and transportation to take care of.

Hence, it is imperative to consider the cost of living in a particular country. If you study in a country where living expenses are hefty, it might be challenging to sustain it.

That said, consider the monthly expenses you will likely incur when you study abroad.

If you have relatives or friends living abroad, you can ask them how much their living expenses cost. Another option is to check online forums for international students. Often, your preferred university has such forums on its website.

4. Ask for Property Information

At this point, you may have a couple of options. That said, you must ask for property information to narrow down your choices.

Not all college housing offers a virtual room of their unit. But you should check it whenever you can.

In addition, you can do a little online sleuthing to check how your neighborhood looks like. And if you know someone who lives nearby, do not hesitate to ask for their insight. Often, they can tell you whether a neighborhood is safe.

5. Always Think of Your Safety

In relation to the previous point, you must check how safe your neighborhood is. After all, you will likely live alone when attending a college abroad.

This explains why some international students prefer to live in a condo. Meanwhile, some students would opt to stay in a school dorm.

That said, check whether your preferred housing has security features like 24/7 CCTV and outdoor sensor lights. You should also consider where the nearest police station and hospital are.

Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC also recommends that you check if there are laundromats nearby. That way, you can ensure that you always have clean clothes to wear.

Before You Move In

When you follow the tips listed above, you may find college housing abroad where you would like to stay. Nonetheless, there are some things that you still need to do before you move in.

Negotiate Your Rent

Just because the rent is listed as much does not mean you cannot haggle for it. Do not hesitate to ask the landowner if it is possible to lower the rental fee.

What’s important is that you are haggling a reasonable price. After all, a property owner is asking for such rent to maintain the features of a unit.

Double-check Your Agreement

Once you are settled with the rent price, you must double-check your agreement before signing.

Read your leasing agreement thoroughly. That way, you would know the monthly rent you have to pay, as well as your rights and responsibilities as a renter.

See if You can Get a Roommate

This is an excellent way to reducing the amount of rent you have to pay. That said, ask your friends if they are interested in studying in the country where you want to be. And if they have admissions in the same university as yours. That way, it will be easier for you to nudge them to be your housemate.

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