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Online Learning Takeaways You Can Use As Life Skills
by Guest Blogger, Ginger Abbot

Even though attending school online may not have been your first choice, you’ll gain many virtual learning skills that become useful later in life. Students can utilize these new abilities to improve their college applications, future careers, and even relationships with friends and family. These are a few online learning takeaways that can benefit you for a lifetime, even if you only take one virtual class.


1. Develop Your Persistence

When you wonder what online learning in high school teaches you, reflect on how you’ll persist with your education. The responsibilities of both teaching and learning fall on your shoulders, so you’ll quickly learn to keep wading through new material even when it gets challenging. Persistence helps in tough situations outside of school, like if you need to pay off debt after college or spend months applying for new jobs. 


2. Learn More About Technology

If someone asks how virtual high school classes teach you life skills, point to your computer. You may have grown up with technology at your fingertips, but virtual courses introduce you to new programs you can use in your career. You’ll become a pro at navigating basic software programs for document sharing and videoconferencing — things hiring managers need future employees to know how to use.


3. Find Your Motivation

Identifying and relying on new forms of motivation are two things students don’t expect to do when they sign up for online learning. It may take a few days or weeks of careful contemplation, but find your unique motivations so you never give up when your education gets challenging. Self-motivating is a skill everyone needs in all areas of life, like when you wonder why you chose a difficult path or responsibility.


4. Improve Your Time Management


Time management is one of the best skills you gain from virtual learning. As you settle into your new routine, you’ll learn how much time you need for reading, studying, and taking notes. Using your time more effectively by scheduling and planning makes you a better member of any team or workplace after high school. It’s especially helpful when you go to college because you’ll also be in charge of balancing your personal and social lives while attending classes.


5. Communicate More Effectively

Becoming a better communicator is another one of the great benefits of online learning in high school. Your teacher won’t be there to read your body language if you’re struggling, so you’ll have to speak up for yourself if you have questions or difficulties.

Clarifying your problems by writing an email or posting in a class forum teaches you how to communicate your needs even if you feel shy or embarrassed about them. Although you won’t need to send an email to talk with your friends, partner or future boss, identifying your concerns and voicing them are two essential skills you’ll need in any relationship.


6. Boost Your Typing Abilities

The world needs technologically capable people, which includes those who can type well. If you start classes and want to know what online learning in high school teaches you, reflect on your typing skills. You’ll need them more than ever before, developing things like speed and accuracy. It will make your future brighter because everything from jobs to college courses requires writing information on the computer.


7. Embrace Your Independence

Students often find out how virtual high school classes teach you life skills when they recognize their independence. You’ll take the lead on your education and your time management skills, resulting in improved confidence in your abilities. Stepping out of your comfort zone with virtual classes will help you embrace your skills and enter new situations fearlessly after passing your final exams.


8. Discover How You Learn Best

Learning styles are essential skills you gain from a virtual school. You’ll quickly figure out if you absorb information better while listening to a video lecture, taking notes by hand, or rereading virtual textbooks in your free time. You can take those same skills into college and the workplace because lifelong learning continues well after leaving the classroom.


Benefits of Online Learning In High School

There are many online learning takeaways you can use as life skills if you know what to expect. When signing up for virtual courses, look forward to more independence, learning about yourself, and recognizing your long-term motivations. You’ll use these skills through college graduation and well into your career because they propel people to greater success in all areas of their lives.

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