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Top 5 Reasons to Return to France

My first trip to France was filled with excitement but it came with its fair share of drama… …My mom was always the person who planned our trips and organized everything that we would ...

by Student, Austin E.

Three things to remember when you’re studying abroad

I have less than a month left before I get on a plane headed for France… …and there’s a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head right now. Am I prepared? What’s going to ...

by Student, Addie M.

5 Best Coffee shops in Paris for Studying

Paris is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, bursting with inspiration and romance. As a college student, Paris can be a great place for studying outside of campus. You’ll find cafes on ...

by Guest Blogger, Tiffany Carter

Packing Guide for College

For most of us, going to college is the first time we leave the family home.  Suddenly, all that stuff you’ve been surrounded with all your life will no longer be there.  Fear not, you will ...

by Guest Blogger, Jamie Rose

9 Benefits of Studying Travel and Tourism

Grab your notebook and your camera, because you’re going for a ride… and for studying. If you have a love for travel and enjoy working with people, a degree in Tourism is just the one for ...

by Guest Blogger, Dafina Zymeri

College Student Retention - Success Secrets for College Students, Student Advisers & Deans

Why does a student leave college before he/she completes a degree?  The simple question stirred the interest of not only scholars, institution, higher education authority but also spouses and ...

by Guest Blogger, Anne Baron

4 Things to Look for While Choosing an E-Learning Platform

E-learning services are thriving across the globe. It provides an immediate insight into the performance by discovering the strengths and weaknesses of a person in a whole innovative way. It may ...

by Guest Blogger, Kathy Alameda

Studying Abroad and How It Can be Life-Changing

In college, you have the freedom to do pretty much anything you want. As long as you keep up with your classes and do not forget that you are a responsible adult, you are free to explore every ...

Actionable Ways to Rock Your Study Skills

Study skills may come easy for some students. However, for those students that struggle to keep up with term papers, discussions, projects, and all other tasks during a study abroad program is ...

by Staff, Sophia Glinski

A Guide To Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is an experience unlike any other. It not only gives you the opportunity to pass a new skill onto others, but there are many things to be learned from the experience ...

by Guest Blogger, Stuart Cooke

Simple Tips to Write a Good Introduction: Begin Your Educational Paper Precisely

The introduction is a part that is important of diploma, term paper, essay or other educational or student paper. In reality, the correctly written introduction of the learning pupil paper makes ...

Cycling Abroad: Your Ultimate Safety Guide

The temptation to take to the cycle routes of Europe is hardly surprising, thanks to how deeply ingrained cycle culture is on the continent. Whether you’ll be urban commuting or following the ...

by Guest Blogger, Alex Jones
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