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Water Experiment

Today I had an amazing time at my environmental water class with Camille Jones. Our project was to bring a liquid and solid to class; then we contaminate the water and try to make it as clean as possible by using simple kitchen products and filters. We split up into two teams and competed to see who could clean their water better. When we mixed everyone’s liquids and solids into a bucket, it turned a disgusting brown color, but we then had to add food coloring.

It was hard to figure out how we were going to clean the water and what materials we should use first and last. We started by taking out larger solids and then focused on taking out smaller particles from the water. Although it was a slow and challenging process, my team and I had an amazing time trying to work together to beat the other team; even though the other team didn’t want to admit it, we won.

After our competition, we had a town council meeting where each pair of people took a different position in conserving water. The groups consisted of environmentalist, developers, residents, parks and recreation, and education. It was fun debating and working alongside other groups to find a solution to conserving water in a newly developing town.

I have had such an amazing time doing so many different activities that relate to very important topics that I am interested in. By the end of the day, the group realized how difficult it is to come to a concise agreement with all five groups on a topic that is very contested now in the world. It was such a fun experience in Camille’s class. I can’t wait for the next one!

-Rosette Evangeline