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Paintings in the Park

by Emilie S.

I’ve been enthralled by the beautiful views all week. I consider myself to be an artist, so being surrounded by beautiful views of the beach, riviera,  and colorful buildings of old Nice has provided me with wonderful inspiration this week.
First, I was able to climb Castle Hill and paint the beautiful view of the sea and Nice from the top. The waterfall was cool and refreshing, and all the people stopping by and commenting on my watercolor painting was pleasant.
Emilie S. Castle Hill
Then on Thursday I was able to paint in the pavilion in the center of Nice. This time I used  acrylics to paint a still life of apples. The bright sunshine of the south of France and the use of primary colors to blend led to a bright and vibrant picture.
Emilie S. still life
Having two great painting experiences has made me more than content with my art class and excited for the upcoming week of electives. I can’t wait to find another amazing spot to paint from!
Au revoir!