Summer programs in Italy are sure to enliven the mind and the senses!
Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it

Viva l’Italia, il bel paese! From mouthwatering pasta alla sorrentina to Renaissance art and classical opera, in Italy everything is created with two things in mind: beauty and passion. Beauty and passion are also key ingredients of Italian daily life and have inspired people of all ages for centuries.

Create a custom academic adventure to Italy through Abbey Road!

Abbey Road offers customized trip planning for schools and educators wishing to sponsor a high school study abroad opportunity to Italy. Based on your group’s interests (trip duration, time of year, desired destinations, and daily itinerary and accommodation preferences) Abbey Road will shape an immersion experience to suit your needs.

Whether you have an itinerary already in mind or need full assistance shaping your study abroad adventure, Abbey Road’s Program Coordinators are happy to help! For more information and to request a Customized Trip Questionnaire please contact us.

Summer programs in Italia

Scopri il programma Dettagli
Opzione 1 2 - 30 Luglio
$7,095 $6,695
Opzione 2 2 - 23 Luglio
$6,295 $5,995
Opzione 3 2 - 16 Luglio
$4,595 $4,295
Opzione 4 16 - 30 Luglio
$4,595 $4,295
Roma 30 Luglio – 3 Agosto
25 gennaio
Appartamenti per Studenti + Hotels
Classi 9-12, nessun prerequisito linguistico
Siena, San Gimignano, Cinque Terre, Fiesole
Biglietto aereo scontato per i primi richiedenti ammissione!
Scopri il programma Dettagli
Opzione 1 9 Luglio-3 Agosto
Hotels,Appartamenti Studenti
Classi 9-12
Delphi, Glyfada, Pompeii, Siena, Versailles