Summer programs in Germany-Germany’s political and social transformation over the past century makes it a fascinating destination for anyone interested in international relations, politics, and modern history.

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A country quite literally divided after the Second World War, Germany is the ideal place to learn about transformations in modern European society and culture. The most substantial material remnant of this divide, The Berlin Wall, still stands in Germany’s capital. Today, Berlin is a true symbol of Europe’s rebirth. The city’s skyline evolves almost as rapidly as its gallery openings and it is a cultural mecca for enthusiasts of contemporary performance art, design, and architecture. For any high school student, Berlin presents the perfect starting point for an exploration of modern European culture and history.

All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin.

john f. kennedy
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Modern Europe

Programmi Pre-college , Viaggio-Programmi studio

Il Nostro programma di Viaggio-studio Europa Moderna si basa sulle relazioni internazionali e la storia Europea.Ogni giorno sara’ un’opportunita’ per un’ esplorazione storica ed un’avventura. Sarete testimoni dei ...



Normandy, Paris, Colonia, Berlino, Dresda e Praga


30 Giugno-15 Luglio

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