From philosophical and mathematical concepts to the foundations of architecture and design Western culture owes much to the Ancient Greeks.

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The legacy of ancient Greece is echoed in the country’s dramatic landscape and a trip to Greece today, especially during the hot summer months, often feels like a journey back in time. Rocky mountains and jagged cliffs plunge into the surrounding crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Dry valleys and expansive olive groves are sprinkled with mystical ancient ruins and the air vibrates with the pulsating call of a thousand cicadas. Even the savviest traveler cannot deny the air of mystery and natural beauty resonating in this awe inspiring nation.

Whatever, in fact, is modern in our life we owe to the Greeks.

Oscar Wilde

Western Civilization

Programmi Pre-college , Viaggio-Programmi studio

Ελάτε! Περιπέτεια σας περιμένει! Se siete interessati alla Storia Europea,alla filisofia,all’arte,all’archeologia e alla mitologia preparatevi allora per l’avventura accademica finale.E’ quasi ...



Atene, Roma, Firenze, Parigi


9 Luglio-3 Agosto

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Classi 9-12


Delphi, Glyfada, Pompeii, Siena, Versailles

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