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Learning About College Admissions and the SAT

My name is Nicholas, I am 15-years-old, and I will be entering my sophomore year of high school in August. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany and have never lived in the United States despite the fact that I am an American citizen and most of my relatives live in the U.S.A. This experience at Abbey Road's College Prep program in Boston will give ...

by Student, Alexis R. , Tennessee

Excited to Experience College Life

On June 23rd, I'm flying from Paris to Boston to attend Abbey Road's College Prep summer program at Emerson College. I'm so excited! Attending a summer camp to prepare my college application process makes it feel like the college admissions process is so close. And the fact that I'm finally going to go to college in the US is like a dream come ...

by Student, Alexis R. , Tennessee

Abbey Road’s Tips for Taking the SAT

Here at Abbey Road Programs, we prize quality education and encourage our students to prepare for and pursue a college education. An important step in that preparation is taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which requires a lot of preparation itself. So how can you master the SAT? It may take some work, but it's fairly easy! Here are a ...

by Student, Alexis R. , Tennessee