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Bring on College Preparation Session 2
by Student, Alexis R. , Tennessee

The second session of College Preparation started yesterday, and we got to meet everybody during orientation on Sunday (except for those who were getting in late). We all went out to dinner to get to know each other a little. We hurried back to the dorms and went straight to bed because we did not want to be tired to take our SAT practice test on Monday morning.

So on Monday morning, we had the first SAT practice test. Benita and I, who were also here for the first session, had a different version than everybody else. and we felt like it was so hard. We’re really apprehensive about getting our results. Other than that, the results from our last two tests were finally posted and we really improved! After the SAT, we went to lunch and then had class and free time, during which we got to bond with everybody. People are nice and interesting. These two weeks ought to be fun!

Today we visited Boston College. We already visited BC during Session 1, but the way we toured it this time was totally different, and it seemed like a whole different college. We had a different tour guide, so the perspective was also different, and I think that is pretty good. I would definitely be interested in attending the Carroll School of Management there. After the visit, we had our college admissions and essay writing class and had to start writing our resumes. Now we’re all doing our homework and heading off to bed early!

See you tomorrow, Boston! -Gabriela

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