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More College Tours and Fenway Park to See the Red Sox!


The last three days have gone by so fast!

On Monday we didn’t do anything special, but as usual we had our classes.

We visited Emerson College yesterday, and even though we are living on the campus, we had no idea it was that big!

At 6pm we left for the Red Sox Game, we were all really excited to go, and we were all wearing our Red Sox shirts. It was really fun cheering even though I still don’t understand anything about baseball. The Red Sox won, so the whole stadium was really happy and proud! It was such a mess to get back to Emerson, though! The subway entrance was chaotic.

Today we visited Boston University, which has a really big campus. To go from class to class, you can take the T (the campus size is over 133 acres!).

Tomorrow is our last SAT test. We all want to do our best and we’re really anxious about it, so tonight is about studying!


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