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Excited to Experience College Life
by Student, Alexis R. , Tennessee

On June 23rd, I’m flying from Paris to Boston to attend Abbey Road’s College Prep summer program at Emerson College. I’m so excited! Attending a summer camp to prepare my college application process makes it feel like the college admissions process is so close. And the fact that I’m finally going to go to college in the US is like a dream come true! I can’t wait to be in Boston. I really hope I can get as much as possible out of this summer experience, because going to a good college is the key to success, and I feel like this program can teach me so much and help me make the right choices for my college applications.

Also I’ve never visited Boston, but I’ve heard so many great things about it. I’ve been told many times that Boston is the most European city in the U.S., so I can’t wait to see all of it for myself! I think the fact that I live in Paris makes me even more interested in the beauty of cities because I still can’t get enough of walking around in Paris and admiring all the buildings and monuments. I know that I am really going to enjoy checking out all the architecture and parks, as well as the museums and theaters. I love photography so I’m also going to take a good deal of pictures.

I’m looking forward to meeting the people I’ll be staying with this summer and making new friends. I’m excited to learn about what their future plans are and to find out what we have in common. Maybe I’ll even go to college with some of them in two years!

I can’t wait to be on the Emerson campus in Boston and finally experience college life. I’ll meet new people, and I’ll be able to ask them about their college experiences and their plans and expectations for after college.



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