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Daily Updates for High School Spanish Summer Programs
by Staff, Chris Bond , Cádiz Program Director

The following is an entry from our Directors’ Blog about our High School Spanish Summer Programs in Cadiz, Spain, written by the Program Director, Chris “Pancho” Bond.  While your teens are enrolled in any of our programs, our Program Directors will keep you up to date with photos and stories describing the students’ experience.

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Ronda, Arcos, and More

July, 18th 2016

We have had a very busy weekend, and we’re gearing up for an even more intense last week here in Cadiz.

At the end of last week, some of us visited the Hospital de Mujeres, where we got to see a beautiful painting by El Greco, as well as El Oratorio de la Santa Cueva, where we enjoyed seeing three paintings by Goya. We also visited La Teteria el Oasis, a Moroccan-themed tea shop here in Cadiz.

High School Spanish Summer Programs

On Saturday, we said goodbye to nine students (we all miss you!) and welcomed five new very excited and wonderful students to the last weeks of our program (nice to have you here!). Our now smaller group (not yet joined by the new folks, who were on route to Cadiz) headed out that day to Ronda and Arcos, two beautiful towns in the nearby mountains (Ronda is in Malaga province, though Arcos is in Cadiz province). Both towns are built on the edges of awe-inspiring, frightening, and impressive cliffs. They are split by deep, sharp gorges and are both filled with beautiful examples of Spanish/Moorish architecture. In Ronda, we visited La Casa del Rey Moro (the House of the Moorish King), which is neither a house nor the dwelling place of a Moorish King, but is a very cool place to visit. Aside from the beautiful gardens and great views from above, the spot is famed for the 300 steps carved into the mountain that lead down to the river; a secretive staircase built by the Moors for surreptitious water access. The steps down are easy, of course, and lead to a tranquil spot in the gorge, where the noise of the city above is muted and far away. The 300 steps back up, on the other hand, are a test of physicality, and left everyone feeling ready for some well-deserved ice cream and snacks later that day.

On Saturday evening, we attended a Flamenco show at La Cava, a place that Abbey Road students have visited many times, due to the high quality of the music and dancing, the good food, and the festive atmosphere. Having taken a flamenco dance class earlier this summer, our students were amazed by the artistic quality of the dance, knowing just how difficult it is.

This week, in part due to last week’s postponements on account of wind, is looking to be a very fun, very busy week. We’ll be taking a surfing lesson, going kayaking and paddle boarding, visiting the water park, exploring Jerez de la Frontera, and going whale watching. All this in addition to our regular classes, time in Cadiz, a tapas cooking contest, and a final meal at Balandro, one of Cadiz’s finest restaurants (and my absolute favorite place to eat here in town).

Check back soon for more. We will continue to update as the week moves along.

High School Spanish Summer Programs


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