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Second Week in Cadiz

Saludos Desde Cádiz!

These past few days have seemingly flown by for our group here in Andalucía. Since our update from this past weekend, our students have visited 3 more museums, climbed one of Cádiz´s tallest towers (La Torre Tavira) for epic views of the city, explored heights, and zip lined at Roche Park, and taken a Spanish cooking class and a Flamenco class! One of the highlights of our week was taking part in a language exchange with a neighboring school during Friday’s language class where our students could interact with peers who are studying English.

Yesterday afternoon we welcomed 7 new arrivals from the US to our group. After some much-needed rest and food at their host families’ homes, all had the energy to join us for group dinner and a live Flamenco show. Our staff was very proud, particularly of the new arrivals, of their desire to try traditional foods from Spain.

This weekend we are embarking on an all-day journey to Tarifa, the southernmost point in Europe. Tarifa is one of the surf capitals of Europe and is otherwise known for the spot where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea collide, and where from the southernmost point on land, Africa is visible from Spain. So far our group’s favorite things to do include spending time by the water, meeting up with each other and Spanish friends that they’ve made since our arrival, and being active. The two flamenco teachers who taught our students were thrilled with their engagement and great attitude. We are so looking forward to what the remaining 2 weeks hold for our group.

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