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6 Health and Safety Tips to Boost Immunity This Semester
by Guest Blogger, Ginger Abbot

University students get to enjoy many benefits, like increased independence and vibrant social lives. They also have to deal with numerous challenges that come with living at college. Being around sick roommates and cramming into lecture halls with other students makes it more likely that you’ll get sick. Try these six health and safety tips for fall to boost your immunity this semester and stay healthy all year.


1. Get Plenty of Sleep

Pulling an all-nighter before an exam might be necessary if you haven’t studied, but it’s terrible for your immune system. Your body needs time to recharge your ability to fight viruses after stressful days in class. Sleep specifically regulates your T-cell activation, which kills any cells infected by a virus. Getting more rest is one of the best health tips to boost immunity because it’s such an easy lifestyle adjustment.


2. Reduce Your Stress

If you need some motivation to get ahead of deadlines and study more often, remember that stress hurts your ability to stay healthy. It produces hormones called corticosteroids that reduce standard lymphocyte production in your bloodstream. Normally, lymphocytes are the first line of defense against viruses, but not if their total count remains low. Find helpful self-care activities to keep stress at bay while catching up on any late work that increases your anxiety.


3. Improve Your Diet

Adjusting your diet is one of the best health and safety tips for fall. It’s tempting to go to the cafeteria and fill your plate with endless burgers, french fries, and desserts, but it makes you more vulnerable to disease. Processed foods lack the nutrients your immune system needs to remain strong.

Swap them for whole food alternatives, like seafood that provides omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen your white blood cell activity or vegetables with natural vitamins. The unprocessed foods will retain all their organic nutrients that keep you healthy even when the flu starts going around campus.


4. Quarantine When Necessary

Another one of the most useful health tips for students involves quarantining. If you’ve been around someone who’s sick, you can keep yourself and your campus safer by staying in your room. You’ll prevent possibly spreading and infecting others because you’ll be by yourself until you’re no longer symptomatic or contagious. Check with your university to see if they can give you a sick pass so your professors extend deadlines and don’t count your class absences. 


5. Strengthen Your Mental Health

Recent research shows that people who maintain their mental well-being enjoy more robust immune systems than those who neglect symptoms of depression or anxiety. Improve your mental health by noting how you feel throughout each day and tending to your most prevalent concerns.

Spending time with friends could help with depressive thoughts, and taking study breaks will relieve some of your stress. Talk with a campus psychologist if you need to dive deeper into your mental health to work through challenges and find the best solutions for your needs.


6. Find Time to Exercise

Walking or biking to class could be the added exercise your body needs to stay healthy. Physical activity flushes bacteria and viruses from your system by circulating blood more quickly and providing additional oxygen to your body. Adding more exercise to your routine could be one of the more effective health tips to boost immunity during the school year. Stop by the campus gym or walk to your classes and your immune system will become more robust.


Boost Your Immunity This Semester

These are the best health tips for students who want to avoid getting sick during the school year. Use them to boost your immunity this semester and everyone that remains until graduation. If you eat better food, exercise more often, and get a full night’s sleep, viruses won’t distract you from keeping up with coursework or having fun with your friends.

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