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5 Tips To Make Your Flight More Comfortable
by Abbey Road

With some easy-to-execute preparation, air travel does not have to be a stressful or uncomfortable ordeal. Our Abbey Road Programs team has compiled some of our top air travel tips that have made our many years of trans-Atlantic travel loads easier. Let us share them with you! 


Choose Your Bags Wisely


Our team unanimously agrees that traveling with a small cross-body bag containing the absolute travel essentials is the easiest way to keep track of those important items. By absolute travel essentials, we mean a passport and/or ID card, Vaccination Card and/or PCR Test, your cell phone, and a debit or credit card. These are the items that will be required to travel to and from your destination, so keeping them in a safe place close to your body at all times is the best way to ease your mind while traveling and ensure you always have them with you. 


Be Prepared for Every Scenario


If you plan on checking a bag with the airline, then packing a pair of extra socks and undergarments in your carry-on is vital. In case of flight delays, missed connections, or lost luggage, having these items on your person will be imperative. We also suggest bringing some travel-size toiletries, mainly deodorant, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, so that you can always take a moment to freshen up in case your time in transit takes longer than anticipated. 


Plan Your Trip to the Airport


A day or two before you depart, look up the recent wait times at your departure airport. This will help you know whether or not to arrive extra early – 2.5 hours or more in advance – if necessary. A great recent example of this can be seen with Denver International Airport, where during summer and fall 2021 reached some of the busiest rates worldwide, causing massive wait times at the airport and stress with travelers who were not expecting this. 

**Remember that since borders reopened, online check-in options are not being used when traveling internationally. All passengers traveling internationally will need to present themselves at a check-in desk with their required documents, which can heavily elongate wait times. 


Wear Comfortable Shoes


Wear close-toed shoes while in transit. We suggest this for three main reasons. First, flip flops take up less space in a suitcase than your sneakers. Second, planes can get really cold, so even if you’re flying somewhere tropical, open toes can easily get cold on a plane. And finally, it makes your airport experience more comfortable, especially if you’re walking through a particularly large airport like Amsterdam or Dubai to your gate. 


Stay Hydrated


Use the event of flying as the perfect excuse to hydrate and eat lots of healthy snacks! Fruits and veg that still taste good after a few hours of not being refrigerated (our go-to’s are carrot or celery sticks, grapes, or an apple) to help your body stay full of water and fiber as you spend many hours sitting in the plane. Bring an empty water bottle with you that you can easily fill up at a fountain before boarding the plane.

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