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Tuscan Cuisine & Fashion!
by Student, Roslyn D. , Florence, Italy

Tuscan CuisineOver the course of these last two days, we’ve experienced our classes with Abbey Road! Classes range from fashion to Tuscan cuisine and all exhibit authentic Italian lifestyles in many ways. For example, examining the fashion styles in the fashion district of Florence. We’ve also enjoyed some delicious catered meals by which we can all come together on a beautiful afternoon as one Abbey Road family! In only a matter of days, we’ve been able to conquer Florence with the Duomo as our landmark and take on new activities like a scavenger hunt bonding experience. Furthermore the opportunities for extra night time activities like philosophy with Derek (our director) or going to see a live show have made every moment vibrant and adventurous.


-Rosalyn D.

About Us:
Abbey Road Programs is a boutique overseas educator that specializes in the experiential, individualized teaching of language immersion, the arts, history, business, journalism and cultural studies in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England, Greece, and Canada. We additionally facilitate College/SAT/ACT preparatory and Diplomatic Leadership programs at Suffolk University in Boston. Abbey Road prides itself on its unique blend of quality, flexibility, safety, and innovation, and provides the perfect balance of learning and fun. You can learn more about their dates, tuition, and scholarship opportunities at Abbey Road Programs website.

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