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A Modern City With a Classical Feel
It has only been two days since I arrived in Florence, and yet it feels as though the culture has swept me off my feet the instant I arrived. From the moment we left the Pisa airport, we were greeted by the expansive Tuscan countryside and its natural beauty.
Within the city of Firenze, everything caught me off guard. Although I had spent the last couple of years prior researching the architectural history of Florence, getting introduced to the San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella, and the Duomo all in one night was incomprehensible, and I was left with no words except of admiration for the minds that crafted these magnificent edifices. Even in modern times, looking at these centuries old structures pulls you back to days that, although considered to be  “simpler” or “primitive” compared to today’s standards, actually gave us some of the greatest pieces of art we recognize in the present day.
Already getting a glimpse of what Florence has to offer, I am excited to start my classes this Monday, delve further into the historical and social importance of these buildings, and continue to develop my artistic skills through the art history and oil painting classes.
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