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Trip to San Remo and Cannes
by Student, Nicole E. , New Jersey

This weekend’s trips were extremely fun. On Saturday we took our own coach bus with the students from St. Laurent to San Remo, Italy. While we were there we enjoyed a nice three-course meal for lunch and then got some free time. During our free time, we had the option of going to a private beach or going shopping, it is to no surprise that I chose to go shopping. Although the bus ride was 2-2.5 hours each way due to traffic the trip was well worth it because of the exciting new culture and language we were able to experience that day.

On Sunday we took a train ride to another town in France, Cannes! It may sound familiar due to the movie festival that takes place there annually. The town was very fancy and reminded me of Beverly Hills in California. When we got there we all went to lunch in groups and then met up later to enjoy the nice sandy beaches. Some of the boys went tubing in the ocean. The beach was so nice, especially because there was sand instead of rocks! We went to a really good Italian restaurant for dinner.

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