Gorges du Verdon

Saint Tropez and Gorges du Verdon

July22 On this day we had a very different schedule than we were used to because it was the weekend. We went to Saint Tropez! We met up with the other part of the Abbey Road group that is staying with French host families in St. Laurent-du-Var. Two girls from the homestay program decided to sit next to us and we started up a conversation, but ...

by Student, Juliana G. , Nice

From High-End St. Tropez to Green Gorges du Verdon

St. Tropez For the very last weekend of my stay with the Abbey Road French Cultural Immersion Summer Program, we traveled to St. Tropez on Saturday, a very high-end and luxurious town, and les Gorges du Verdon, a beautiful river canyon on Sunday. They were two different experiences but no less enjoyable. A bit about St. Tropez You have ...

by Student, Emma R. , Gladwyne, PA