Odyssey: Greek Islands Adventure

Odyssey: Greek Islands Adventure
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“Men are so quick to blame the gods: they say that we devise their misery. But they themselves- in their depravity- design grief greater than the griefs that fate assigns.”
― Homer, The Odyssey



Option 1:
July 10 - July 24
Hotels, Student Apartments

Santorini, Rethymno and more!

Grades 9-12

Opt 1: 2 weeks
September 1st

The Summer Odyssey will take our students on an exciting trip to some of the best Greek islands: Crete, Santorini and Naxos. The students will enjoy their dazzling natural beauty, incredible history and culture, and delicious local cuisine. While visiting Crete, home of the ancient Minoan civilization, we will explore the mountainous range of Samaria, Elafonissi natural park, the Venetian fortress of Heraklion, and countless other sites. The students will also learn about Crete’s diverse ecosystems and help local environmental experts to research and preserve them.


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