Odyssey: Greek Islands Adventure

Odyssey: Greek Islands Adventure
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“Men are so quick to blame the gods: they say that we devise their misery. But they themselves- in their depravity- design grief greater than the griefs that fate assigns.”
― Homer, The Odyssey




Option 1:
July 10 - July 24
Hotels, Student Apartments

Santorini, Rethymno and more!

Grades 9-12

Opt 1: 2 weeks
November 1st

The Summer Odyssey will take our students on an exciting trip to some of the best Greek islands: Crete, Santorini and Naxos. The students will enjoy their dazzling natural beauty, incredible history and culture, and delicious local cuisine. While visiting Crete, home of the ancient Minoan civilization, we will explore the mountainous range of Samaria, Elafonissi natural park, the Venetian fortress of Heraklion, and countless other sites. The students will also learn about Crete’s diverse ecosystems and help local environmental experts to research and preserve them.

Throughout their journey to these spectacular island destinations, our students will find new inspiration to explore the fascinating Universe of Ancient Greek Mythology. There is no better setting to discuss such amazing characters and stories as Hercules and his 12 labors, from capturing the Golden Hind to cleaning the Augean Stables; Prometheus, who created mankind from clay and stole fire from the Gods; Jason and the Argonauts, who embarked on a quest for the Golden Fleece; Perseus and Medusa, a monster who turned people into stone; Daedalus and his son Icarus, who learned to fly by using hand-made wings. These and other fascinating myths will be discussed by the staff and the students.

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  • Program Highlights
    • This exciting adventure will start on the island of Crete, the largest Greek island, home of one of Europe’s most ancient civilizations and the mythical Minotaur, where our students will spend the first week of the trip. The group will explore Crete’s spectacular natural sights, beaches, mountain ranges and palm forests, the bustling capital city of Heraklion, the Venetian city of Chania, the archeological sites of the Minoan civilization and other breathtaking monuments.
    • After the first week, students will travel to the famous island of Santorini where they will stay two nights. The students will enjoy its whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches and breathtaking views. Santorini’s picturesque beaches, the submerged volcanic crater and the ancient Minoan settlement of Acrotiri will make for an unforgettable trip.
    • Next, the group will travel to Naxos where it will stay two more nights. This largest Cycladic island has many popular beaches and historical landmarks, such as the ancient temple of Apollo, the castle of Kastro and the old town with its winding whitewashed streets.
    • Finally, the group will travel to Athens for the last three nights of the trip. In Athens, the students will debate politics and history at the Parthenon and the Agora, debating Plato and Aristotle right at the heart of the ancient Athenian civilization, explore the Archeological museum and experience life in the modern day Athens.

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