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4 Things No One Tells You To Pack For Your Trip Abroad
by Staff, Jolie Blair , Sun Valley, Idaho

While there are thousands of packing lists for your trip abroad, many fail to mention the essentials for your travels (besides a passport and cellphone, of course). But don’t worry, we at Abbey Road Programs have your back. Continue reading for the top 4 secretive essentials to pack for your next trip abroad.

trip snacks

1. Snacks from home

When studying in Italy, my parents asked if they could bring me anything when they came to visit. Without hesitation, I gave them a laundry list of snacks including peanut butter, granola bars, and gum. Although you can certainly get these items abroad, they’re not the exact same as your favorite snacks from home. It’s always comforting to have some food from home, especially if you’re homesick, so make sure to pack some, nonperishable, names next time you go abroad.

Pictures of your family

2. Pictures of Your Family

If the snacks don’t help with the homesickness, pictures of your family most certainly will. When I was having a bad day while abroad, I would take out pictures of my family and puppy and would instantly feel better. I also suggest taking pictures of your hometown and its landscape to help when you have the blues. Although looking at pictures on your phone can also be beneficial, I prefer having hard copies to hold!

medications for the trip

3. Medicines

While this might seem an obvious one, bringing different types of medication is vital when traveling abroad. Make sure to not only bring your prescription medications, and medication prescribed specifically for your trip, but also any over-the-counter medications you might need. While other countries have their own pharmacies, some medicines might need a doctor’s prescription and others might not be available. See the CDC’s recommendation on what to pack in your travel health kit here.


4. Download Your Entertainment

Before leaving for your trip, make sure to download any movies or books you will want while abroad; good, strong, and consistent Wifi isn’t a given in many countries, so make sure to download any books, music, or movies that you may want on your trip. Netflix will work in some countries, but you can’t always get the same movies or TV shows, as you can at home. Downloading any entertainment you would like on your trip will save you time, and much frustration, so you can enjoy your time abroad while enjoying some entertainment from home.

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  1. Medication is the most important thing I think you’ll need. Especially if you take your medication all the time. Because in another country, you probably won’t have the pills you need. That’s great advice!
    Snacks from home and family photos are optional. Maybe without it you will miss more and return home will be more joyful 🙂

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