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by Student, Maya C. & Carlos C.

Bonjour! Paris has been amazing. We arrived on Tuesday to a nice meal at a French restaurant and a walk in a beautiful park.  Since the day was filled with lots of travel, we were all very sleepy and quickly went to sleep that night. The next morning we got up and set off to Sainte Chappelle, a beautiful church covered in stained glass windows. We all spent lots of time gazing up at the artwork displayed in the glass. Maya & Carlos Saint Chappell Later that day we went to Notre Dame, and then to the Pompidou, a modern art museum. Everyone enjoyed the museum because of how different it was. We are so used to visiting museums dedicated to ancient art, or even Renaissance art, but nothing we had seen before on the trip was anything like the art at the Pompidou. We ended the night with a picnic sitting by the Eiffel Tower as it lit up the night sky. After we ate, we all decided to lay under the lit up tower in the middle of the street. We must have looked like a bunch of idiots, and many Parisians gave us funny looks, but it was so worth it. The picture below cannot nearly display the awe we all felt at the tall tower. Maya & Carlos Eiffel TowerMaya & Carlos Wes Civ lie down The next day we woke up early and headed to the Louvre. We were all extremely impressed with just how large the Louvre’s collection of art is. We didn’t have nearly enough time to explore the entire museum, but we did get to visit the Mona Lisa and other famous works that live there. Maya & Carlos Mona Lisa After lunch and a visit to the Love Locks Bridge, the group headed to the Musee d’Orsay to admire the impressionist paintings. They had a great selection of some of Van Gogh’s finest works. Maya & Carlos Van Gogh Finally, we visited Versailles, the palace that was created by King Louis XIV. The hall of mirrors was astounding and took our breath away. Maya & Carlos hall of mirrors We only have three more days left in Europe, and we know the whole group is very sad to be heading back to the U.S. We have had a great time touring Athens, Rome, Florence, and Paris, and an even better time making friends that will last a lifetime. This trip has changed many lives for the better, and has influenced us to become more open-minded people, who of course would love to revisit all of the cities we will be leaving. Maya & Carlos group photo

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