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A Moveable Feast

Eiffel Tower Group

Saying goodbye to a city has never been easy, but one can scarcely protest when the next stop is the “City of Lights.” Truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, it becomes immediately apparent why Paris has always been such a beacon of inspiration that continues to capture the imaginations of millions of people all around the world. With an ecstatic group “Bonjour La Ville-Lumière,” we set about experiencing all the wonders that Paris has to offer.

We packed in a lot for our first day in the city, including trips to Saint-Chapelle to admire its famous stained glass windows, Notre Dame and its famous bell towers, the eponymous café districts, and even a relaxing cruise along the Seine to give our sore legs a rest.


To top that all off, we dared rush-hour traffic to catch the Eiffel Tower at sunset. Being such a prominent symbol of Paris, it’s strange to think that it was initially thought to be a scar on the city when it was constructed in 1887. Looking at it now, all lit up and triumphant above the landscape, I cannot imagine a more perfect sight.


We made ourselves a little picnic on the steps of the Trocadéro and witnessed the twinkling display of lights that occurs as the sky darkens. It is a spectacle visitors of Paris owe it to themselves to see. As the lights slowed their flickering, we packed our baskets and returned home, satisfied with our introduction to Paris.

-Jamie Lansdowne

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