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Advocacy, Public Speaking, Decision-Making, Human Rights, Environmental Conservation, International Relations, Business, Creative Writing, Social Media and more …
Pre-College Programs
Boston, MA
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
John F. Kennedy
Emerson College, Boston, MA

Option 1:
July 5 – Aug 1
Option 2:
July 5 - July 18
Option 3:
July 19 -Aug 1
New York and Washington DC (optional extension)
Aug 2 - Aug 7
College Dorm

Cape Cod National Seashore, Plymouth & Pilgrim Monument, College Visits

Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Tufts, Northeastern and more!

Grades 9-12

Advocacy, Public Speaking

Policy & Decision-Making

Human Rights

Environmental Conservation, Climate Change

Conflict Resolution, International Relations

Business, Management & Marketing

Creative Writing, Journalism & Social Media

Opt 1: 4 weeks
Opt 2: 2 weeks
Opt 3: 2 weeks
Optional extension to New York and Washington DC
$985 $885

For young people from across the world who aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow, this Boston-based program offers a rich and exciting curriculum. It will introduce our students to many relevant fields of knowledge, provide them with essential tools, help them build their confidence and leadership skills that will serve them well in their future careers.

The curriculum will be organized along the following five themes:

  • Advocacy, Activism & Community Building. Public Speaking, Influencing & Social Media. Policy & Decision Making.
  • Global Issues, International Community & NGOs. Human Rights, Environmental Conservation, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Poverty, Migration, Conflict Resolution, and more.
  • Political Science, International Relations & International Security. International Policy and Decision-Making.
  • Business, Management & Marketing. Business Negotiations. Team Building and Team Management.
  • Creative Writing, Journalism & Social Media.
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<p><strong>New York and Washington DC</strong></p>

New York and Washington DC

Have a picnic with your friends in New York’s Central Park, catch a Broadway show in the Theater District, visit the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums, discover the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC and much more!

If you were there...

  • Morning
    Morning Class
  • Afternoon
    Chess at Cambridge
  • Afternoon
    University Visit
  • Afternoon
    Free Time at the Park
  • Afternoon
    Freedom Trail
  • Night
    Group Dinner

Zoe S.

What made you go looking for a summer program like Leadership Academy? Well, I am really interested in politics and different people’s views and opinions. I figured this program would give me the perfect opportunity to express my opinions and to hear other people’s. I also love Stanford and I figured it would be awesome to go there and spend time on the campus. Leadership Academy was your first experience with a leadership-oriented summer program, were your satisfied with the material that was covered? Were the daily lessons ...

  • Program Highlights
    • Debate pressing global issues with your peers and instructors, from human rights to democracy, from climate change to poverty and migration
    • Explore Boston, the education capital of the United States, and its many world-renowned colleges
    • Learn from experienced activists, NGO staff, experts from the World Bank, IMF, the UN, the European Parliament, the International Red Cross and other international organizations
    • Enjoy fun activities, sports and excursions, from soccer at the Boston Common to Candlepin bowling to a boat cruise on the Charles River
    • Relive the American Revolution at Paul Revere’s House, the Freedom Trail and the Boston Harbor
    • Use the power of the written word and social media to raise awareness about an issue you are passionate about
    • Catch a Red Sox game at historic Fenway Park
    • Learn how to start, run and market your business, to negotiate your first contract and manage your team
    • Experience college life, learn to manage your schedule, time and everyday chores, gain independence and confidence
    • Enjoy shopping, free time and group dinners with your new friends at Newbury street, Copley square and Cambridge
  • Daily Schedule

    Every student on the program chooses three themes as part of his or her major and two – as an elective. The themes are:

    International Relations & Global Policy. The course will focus on current issues in International Politics, International Security & Decision-Making.

    Business, Management & Marketing. The topics will also include Business Negotiations, Team Building and Team Management.

    Creative Writing, Journalism & Social Media. As part of this course, we will also examine the impact of social media on political campaigning and influencing the public opinion.

    American History & Politics. Our base in Boston will lend itself well to discussing the American Revolution, continuing to the Civil War, the conflicts of the 20th century, the Holocaust, the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War and to current issues in American politics and the American electoral system.

    Leadership, Advocacy and Global Issues: From Human Rights to Conservation and Climate Change. For young people from across the world who aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow, who passionately care about making a change, this program will be a perfect fit. The students will learn about Public Speaking, Community Building, Influencing and Social Media, as well as discuss a broad array of global issues, including Human and Minority Rights, Environmental Conservation, Global Warming, Sustainable Development, Poverty, Migration, Conflict Resolution and more.

    The elective courses will include:

    • College Essay-Writing & Research
    • College visits, counseling and test prep (TOEFL, SAT and ACT)
    • Photography
    • Fashion Design

    Important Note: Curfew and Free Time

    The students will have approximately 2 – 3 hours of free time per day, subject to our safety rules and guidelines. The curfew is at 10:30 – 11:00 pm, subject to change at the program director’s discretion.

  • Residential Life

    You will live in a comfortable, modern, centrally located student dorm on Emerson College campus, right by the Boston Common. Living in a University dorm, learning to be independent and self-reliant is a valuable experience that will serve you well in your college years. Our staff members will live in the same building with you and make sure your experience is safe and comfortable. They will help you plan your household chores, organize your schedule, get along with your roommates, and assist with any other needs.

    You’ll be on a college “meal plan,” with occasional group dinners at local venues. This perfect location will give you a chance to take advantage of Boston’s exciting city center, its historic neighborhoods, waterfront and the famous Theater district.

  • Evening Activities and Day Trips

    Rich with culture, history, cuisine and New England charm, the college capital of the United States, Boston is the perfect city for a fun and educational summer. Staying at Emerson College, an easy walk from the Boston Commons Park, the North End, and Newbury Street, makes for fun group and free time activities!

    Past favorites have included:

    • Volleyball at the Boston Common
    • Shopping and group dinner at Newbury street
    • Outdoor group debate at Harvard Yard (yes, we do pronounce the “r”-s)
    • Ice cream and chocolate tasting at Taza Chocolate Factory
    • Boat cruise on the Charles River
    • Group dinner and a show at the Theater District
    • Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and Isabella Stewart Museum
    • Movie night in downtown Boston

    On the weekends the students will go on day trips to Cape Cod National Seashore, Plymouth & Pilgrim Monument, and on college visits to Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Northeastern, Boston University and others.

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