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Last Art Class and Lizz’s Birthday

For our last art class, I took my students to the place where Cezanne himself used to paint: Mont Sainte-Victoire. From this very vantage point, he made 11 oil paintings using different styles and techniques to represent the famous mountain.


Kristen, Goa, Lauren, and Jane had the opportunity to discover the conditions of painting outside when it became popular at the end of the 19th century.

They all created beautiful paintings and I am really proud of them! Next Wednesday, there will be an exhibition of all their artwork on display at the residence.

That night we celebrated Lizzy’s 17th birthday! Dinner was a delicious Lebanese dish: Kebabs with cucumber and tomato salad, pita bread, and hummus. We prepared everything and waited for Lizzy to come down to a “Surpriiiise!”

We all said “Joyeux Anniversaire” and ate chocolate and fruit cakes. Yummy!

-Nina Lopez

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