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Second Week of Classes!

Now that everyone has settled in and gotten to know their way around Florence, classes have become even more exciting. We are finally starting to dive into a higher difficulty level of projects, which is super exciting!

In my super arts class, I just finished my own painting and even learned a bunch of techniques I was never taught in my art classes at home. My afternoon drawing class had the opportunity to go to a pottery place where we got to paint on our own design or a cultural Italian design on a plate. It was nice to have this kind of class, because it showed us how plates were designed during the 15th-16th century.

Aside from classes, exploring the city of Florence has been even more exciting during this second week. Last week, all of us were trying to find our way around and find the best shortcuts, but now that we know how to navigate for the most part, we can begin exploring all the other qualities the city has to offer. We feel more free to explore new streets with restaurants and shops. Every Monday, we receive money for grocery shopping, and this week, my roommates and I decided to go to the market with fresh produce. This experience was amazing because it’s something I don’t have at home. We got to try so many different seeds, fruits and nuts. Even the simple smell and abundance of color surrounding us was amazing!

Overall, the start to the second week has been great, and I can’t wait to see what else this week has in store!