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Dali, Figueres and Girona
by Student, Sara B. , Florida

This weekend was very fun! On Saturday we went to Figueres, home to the well known Salvador Dali Museum, also where Dali was born.

It was a very cool museum and we got to walk around and take pictures of all of the intriguing and interesting artwork.

After that, we went to a beautiful beach in Figures. We had about two hours there, where we had the opportunity to swim, tan, and hang with friends. On Sunday we went to Girona, a little town outside of Barcelona. In the town, some of us visited the Cinema Museum, while others got the opportunity to roam around the town. There was also a very old church that we got to go inside of. It was beautiful. After lunch, we had the opportunity to roam around Girona and explore what the town has to offer. Overall it was a very fun weekend. On Monday we had a class where some of us made videos about our lives and interests in Spanish! We also had electives, where we learned the origins and details of flamenco dancing!

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