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Day Trip to Girona

During our first weekend in Barcelona we took a day trip to the city of Girona, about 60 miles northeast of Barcelona. The city was founded in 79 B.C.E and remains one of the major cities in the Catalan region. IF7A0233 Our first stop in Girona was the Cathedral. After climbing 86 steps we were rewarded with an impressive facade in the Catalan Gothic style and a stunning view of the city. IF7A0026 From the Cathedral we went to the Girona Cinema Museum to learn about the history of photography and motion pictures. The museum houses a vast collection of original artifacts of the first moving pictures, early cameras, and rare Hollywood props and memorabilia. It was a very pleasant surprise to find such an amazing collection in this small Spanish town. IF7A0093 At the end of our wonderful day in Girona we explored the city’s old fortifications. The fortification wall was first constructed in Roman times in the 1st century B.C.E, then reconstructed several times in the 14th century and 16th century. Eventually, the wall became obsolete for the purpose of repelling invaders and the city gradually expanded beyond it. Today, the wall offers a great glimpse into the history of Girona and provides for great panoramic views of the area. IF7A0183   IF7A0133 Our day trip to Girona was a great introduction to Catalonia, the region we will call home for the next few weeks. The beauty and history of the ancient city will surely stick with us as we continue our experience in the modern city of Barcelona. IF7A0210