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College Prep Week 1
by Student, Madison J.

I was exhausted after my first full week of classes in college prep program with the Abbey Road Programs, but we had so much fun getting to know one another. One of the highlights of the week was going to the Harvard Observatory to watch the super moon on a sophisticated telescope. I’m always open to new ideas, so I thought this would be a great experience – and I was right! The moon looked incredible and my friends and I shared an experience that I will never forget! While the workload is pretty intense for the SAT program, it is made so much better because of the staff.

Our teachers are more than just teachers; they are becoming our friends. We have dinner with some of them, go to the mall, and hang out. It has been a wonderful surprise to the program. In addition, my classmates and I have really bonded. After our last class (which could be at 9:00 pm), we explore Boston and have eaten in most of the restaurants close to the campus. I have been to the movies, jogging around the Boston Commons and just getting to know my new friends better by hanging out. I love the fact that we are given the freedom to go to different places close to Emerson and this makes me even more excited to go to college in 2 years.

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