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When in Rome

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When in Rome

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Yesterday we arrived in Rome, and I love it! Rome is the polar opposite of Florence, so it’s very cool and interesting to see the difference between two major cities in Italy.

Last night, we got a mini tour of Rome and went to the all the main areas. We also visited the Pantheon, which is an ancient Roman temple that now functions as a Catholic church. After that, we ate delicious pizza at a local restaurant and got gelato from my favorite place, Grom.

Today we went to Vatican City and visited the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, two places that luckily I have previously visited, and I was still blown away by all of the art! The Sistine Chapel to me is just beyond words, and it’s also mind-boggling to think that somebody from the same species as me created it, upside down nonetheless. If there were to be a word to describe St. Peter’s, grand would be an understatement. When you walk in, you are surrounded by high ceilings, perfectly painted with gold and red accents, and gigantic marble columns that look like they go on forever.

I cannot wait to explore this city more!


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