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What’s Summer Without Baseball and Fireworks?

This was the last week of College Prep Session 1, and it went out with a bang (or a the boom of fireworks, anyway…)!

On Tuesday, we headed to the one place all visitors must go to be able to say they’ve truly experienced Beantown: Fenway Park! There, of course, we watched from our seats as the Red Sox pummeled the San Diego Padres, defeating them 4 to 1. Other than simply enjoying the game, the kids also treated themselves to stadium food (including fried dough and Fenway Franks), and sang along to the traditional playing of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline in the middle of the 8th inning. Overall, it was a great night!

Wednesday brought with it another campus tour, this time of Boston University. It was a gorgeous, albeit scorching, day to walk along BU’s extensive and very beautiful urban campus. Our students seemed quite enthusiastic about this school, too, and they asked some pretty great questions along the way. Perhaps we have some future BU Terriers in our midst!

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and as Boston was one of the hubs of the American Revolution, we were in the perfect place to celebrate! After the kids were done with classes, we took the T out to Cambridge, with snacks, blankets, and sunblock in tow. We found a nice, shady spot in the grass right along the shore of the Charles and listened to the Boston Pops play as we waited for it to get dark. The fireworks started around 9:30pm, and what a show it was! But that being said, the crowds were also pretty epic… To avoid the T, we actually opted to walk all the way back to our dorms at Emerson; the cars most likely resembled mobile sardine cans at this point…

Fireworks burst over the Prudential Building

It was an exciting week, and tonight we dine together as a group for the last time. Parting is such sweet sorrow! Alex, Benita, Brooke, Denzel, Gabriela, JJ, Kimon, Laurel, Patrick, Rachel, and Romane – you were wonderful! We’ll miss you! -Brittany Knotts