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What Does Summer Have In Store?

I am extremely excited to spend this upcoming summer with Abbey Road Programs in Florence!

I will be attending the Florence program, which I chose because of its rich history in artwork and architecture. I knew that there was no better place to explore my artistic capabilities than the city where inspiring artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci studied. From a young age, art has been a strong part of my life, and being able to pursue that passion on a daily basis is a dream! My typical art classes are usually in a closed-off room, so to be able to study the subject I love in a city with endless inspiration will be amazing!

I chose to study abroad mainly because I don’t think the same experience could be captured at home. It’s one thing to look at Google images of a place and paint it, but physically being there and interacting with the place’s culture is incomparable. As an artist, I am always trying to find different muses, and I feel a hands-on experience will be the perfect way to spend a summer after a long, stressful year of school. I look forward most to seeing and learning about the architecture and artwork in Florence and being able to make my own pieces as well. I look forward to the people I will meet, new friends I will make, and all the places I will visit.

Just the idea of simply waking up every morning for a month in an exciting and new part of the world makes me want to be in Florence already! I hope I can leave at the end of the summer more excited about the whole experience than I already am. I am ecstatic about what this summer has in store for me!