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Western Civ’s Wonderful Time in Rome

Rome couldn’t have been better! We have all had such an amazing time in the Eternal City.

Monday morning, we were off to the magnificent Borghese Gallery. Besides the Baroque art inside, the building was beautiful in and of itself. Some of the most amazing pieces were by Bernini, a famous Baroque sculptor. My favorites were his depiction of David and his famous piece Apollo and Daphne. Not only is the detail unimaginable, but these pieces also truly capture the emotion of the scene in a snapshot. Although not an expansive museum, the Borghese Gallery displays some famous and powerful pieces.

The next day was nice, as we were all given some free time to either roam the streets of Rome or take part in some optional activities. One of the optional activities was a visit to the San Giovanni Basilica, the first originally Catholic Church built in Rome and also where the official throne of the pope is. After a nice day of exploring, we had a picnic! It was wonderful, as the park had stunning view of the sun setting over the city.

With one more day in Rome, we wanted to make it a great one. What better place than Vatican City? With some beautiful artwork and magnificent architecture, the experience was unreal. The Sistine Chapel was mesmerizing, a sight like no other. We all, with our astonished faces, questioned how Michelangelo could complete such a masterpiece. It was hard for us to wrap our heads around. My personal favorite at the Vatican Museum was Raphael’s School of Athens. The painting depicts famous philosophers and intellectuals of the classical period, such as Plato and Aristotle. The School of Athens is interesting, because it represents the revival of classical ideas during the Renaissance Period. Interestingly enough, Renaissance means “rebirth”. The Vatican was an exhausting and overwhelming experience, to say the least.

One last delicious pizza dinner later, we said goodbye to Rome. Our journey, however, is not even close to over, as Florence and then Paris await us! -Jack

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