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Well-Earned Relaxation

The past couple of days have been very relaxing, after a long and hard week.

Over the weekend, we had a movie night, walked the Freedom Trail, went on a Duck Tour, and went to the Museum of Science. Before our Duck Tour on Sunday, I was actually able to sleep in until 11:30, which I found very rejuvenating. I found the Duck Tour especially interesting, as I had expected it to be quite boring. Instead of simply driving around on land and then going into the water, the Duck Tour consisted of a guided tour given by our driver who told us a lot about the history of Boston and pointed out famous landmarks. An extremely interesting fact I learned from our guide when we walked the Freedom Trail and our guide on the Duck Tour was that Boston used to be a lot smaller and that a lot of it is landfill.

On Saturday, we also went on a campus tour of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is one of the best universities in the world. It was a very enlightening experience, because I was able to use what I had learned in our afternoon college prep class to decide whether or not I would want to go to MIT. By weighing factors such as the setting, housing, available majors, learning environment, sports and activities, and the school’s diversity, I was able to seriously consider whether or not MIT would be the best fit for me.

What I enjoyed most about Monday was that we learned how to write a college essay in our afternoon college prep course and went on a campus tour of Northeastern University. Northeastern is one of my favorite colleges we’ve seen so far! I liked the campus so much that I actually think I liked it more than Tufts, which was my favorite campus until now. I actually saw Northeastern once before with my family, but it was only after I saw a wide range of colleges that I realized how much I liked the university.