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Welcome to Florence!

by Sara E. June 12-14, 2014   The excitement continues as we are just hours away from being in Florence! We all met and said our hello’s at JFK while buying overpriced snacks for our amazing upcoming 10-hour journey. The staff greeted us with an amazing dinner as soon as we got to our gorgeous and spacious apartments. Our teachers gave us a small tour of the city just to show us how incredible Florence is.

 Florence 2014 week 1

Walking down the ancient streets on our very first night, I can already tell, I will easily be able to call this place home for the next few weeks. Our instructors even bought us gelato at the gelato shop just down the street! Delizioso!

 Florence 2014 day 1 gelato

Today, we ate sandwiches and explored the city of Firenze! We are all finally starting to understand the mapping of Florence. We ate dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant and had a fun photo scavenger hunt. This definitely helped us to remember where certain major points are. Tomorrow we are traveling to Luca by train! Can’t wait to start classes on Monday!
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