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Welcome to Cádiz!

I am so glad that we’re finally in Spain!

We arrived late Thursday afternoon, because of a few airplane delays and troubles, and we were welcomed by our host families and the students who arrived in Cádiz before us. I think we were all exhausted and desperate for showers and some rest! After settling in at home, my roommate and I had dinner before walking around the city with our family.

We were surprised to see families and small children spending time in plazas or coming home from the beach as late as ten or eleven at night! It was much more comfortable to be walking at night, and the wind helped keep us cool. We also had ice cream (Arroz con leche and chocolate for me) in La Plaza de Mina, which was delicious.

The next day, we went to an orientation at our school before spending a few hours on La Caleta, one of the beaches in Old Cádiz. Later, we had our first group dinner and had free time to explore the city.

We started today with a walking tour of Cádiz; I think I’m finally beginning to know my way around and remembering how to speak Spanish! Later this afternoon, all of us will be attending a Salsa Class, and I can’t wait!

Here are a few pictures from our first few days:

La Caleta
Cádiz with the Catedral in the background
El Parque Genovés


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