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Water Park and Parc Phoenix!
by Student, Austin E.

It is Tuesday morning…

…and I got up right before class began. I ran downstairs and ate breakfast on my way to class. Our lesson today was actually really fun. It was one of the other professor’s birthdays so we got to sing and celebrate a little bit. After the celebration the curriculum was pretty simple so the class went by quickly. There wasn’t much free time in between classes and lunch so I took a short 15 minute nap in my room.

There was a picnic planned for lunch today but we ended up going to a water park. We took the train to St. Laurent and had a couple hours to play on a floating obstacle course. I knew this activity was planned but I was pleasantly surprised to see us doing it today. After the water park, we had some time back in Nice to hang out. I walked down the promenade for a while and relaxed on the beach.

When we got back, the group took another train to a bar where the going away party would be held. The St. Laurent program met us there and we all said our final goodbyes to the 3 week group. It was a bitter-sweet night but the day was fun overall.All of the three week students left early this morning and I got up to say goodbye to some of them. It is always sad to see your friends leave but I am glad that I got the opportunity to meet these people.


On Wednesday, our classes were shortened…

…by an hour so I slept some more after the goodbyes. We had class in a park today which is always a nice treat. Lunch was good as usual and today we got 6 consecutive hours of free time. I originally planned on going biking, but it was way too hot so I went to the mall with some friends. The air conditioning was great and I enjoyed looking around the Nice Etoile mall. I came home with about 2 hours left of free time and caught up on some much needed sleep.

Dinner today was a crepe party, which means we get to make our own crepes at the residence. It is nice when we can customize our meals because there is always something for everyone. After dinner we went to see the live action Lion King in English and I absolutely loved it. We had free time until 11:00 after the movie so I just walked around old Nice for the night. Upon arrival back at the residence I went straight to bed so I wasn’t tired for class in the morning.


Thursday morning I woke up on time and got a good breakfast.

Class was alright but I discovered a really good coffee vending machine at the residence. It makes the coffee right in front of you and I am sure it will be handy for quick bursts of energy. Today we got salads for lunch and my tuna salad was splendid. The group hopped on a tram after lunch and we went to a zoo/botanical garden place. It was cool to see the animals and ecosystems from my home city while in Nice. After that I went into a mall full of really expensive designer stores. I couldn’t buy anything but it was fun to try and guess the prices of the different clothing items.

Tonight I am going to a nice seafood restaurant with some of my friends. I have high hopes because we are so close to the ocean. After that we get even more free time to do whatever we want in the city. I am loving all of the freedom we have been getting lately and I hope it continues this way for the rest of the trip.

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