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Visiting Britain… in Spain
by Student, Brendan O. , Cadiz, Spain
Summer Study Abroad for Teens, Spain, Gibraltar
Rock of Gibraltar

Let metell you about my summer abroad in Spain .On Saturday we took our second excursion, this time to Gibraltar.  Gibraltar is not actually part of Spain; it is part of Britain.  This is very apparent when looking at the main town in comparison to Cádiz.  Nearly everyone speaks English.  Tapas bars are replaced with fish and chips restaurant.  There are even red phone booths on all of the streets.

Teen Travel in Gibraltar, summer 2016

After a bit of exploring the town, we traveled by cable car to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.  This offered us an incredible view of the port and neighboring country side.  After just over five minutes, we reached the top. Just as we exited the cable car, one of the native monkeys swiped a woman’s bag and rummaged through its contents.  After this encounter, we took a short walk to the very top of the rock, and the view was even more exhilarating.  Unfortunately, we were unable to see Africa due to haze, however, on clear days, it is possible to see the continent across the Straight of Gibraltar.  None the less, this excursion proved unforgettable for us all.

-Brendan O.

Monkey, Macaque, Gibraltar, Abbey Road - Summer Study Abroad for Teens
Thieving Macaque of Gibraltar

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